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Travelling While Offline & Ship Docking

Welcome to some more Star Citizen looking at Item Wear, Snub Craft Docking, Headlights & Travelling while offline, this is a summary of Calling All Devs Beard Degradation. It had some good informations.

This Week in Star Citizen

Oddly this week CIG re-released (on the RSI site) a SQ42 Monthly Report, that we received and I did a video on it already last month, which I’ll link below. I think it’s because they had only previously released it as a email Newsletter. Hopefully we will see a new monthly report for SQ42 or the PU in the next week or so.

Calling All Devs – Beard Degradation

Item Wear

There will be a way of repairing items with swapping out sub components, using your repair tool (or I am assuming having them serviced at a station).

Wear will be shown on your ships MFDs as a cog, that shows % of wear and it ticks up the more worn a component is. They will eventually give us more information on our MFDs about wear and damage. They are thinking about giving you a running approximate time left before a component is fully worn, this would change based on your circumstances, if you are in a dogfight or overclocking the item this is likely to wear down much quicker.

The shown wear in the MFDs is coming in 3.3


Merlin & Archimedes

They are bringing the cockpit, animations and materials all into line with their standards.

This also includes making sure you have enough visibility when piloting it.

The Docking function of those ships is tied to docking, multi-grid physics tech & then parasite docking for those ships. It’s currently in the backlog.

They want to get the Hull C done & have it docking to stations first.

Then Ship to Ship Docking.



They are looking into ship headlights from more of a gameplay use now.

This could take many forms, they talk about bright focused headlights compared to the wider area ones we currently have

Performance is an issue, they want the lighting to look good and shadows are sensible, the scale & range of the game makes these simple things more of an issue, as light might have travel many km.

In the short term they want it to be effective for gameplay when you need it, they will be useful! They are going to increase the range of the lights & give it reasonable falloff, they are hoping for a “more balanced quick pass for headlights for 3.3.5”

And I am hoping for different modes eventually.


Travelling Offline

The have discussed in the past the potential of having players being able to travel to areas while offline. The current plan is to not let players do this. They want players to make hands on conscious decisions & be part of the travelling and choices they make. They want as little as possible remote gameplay that doesn’t involve a player.

Even when you are travelling there will be risks, opportunities, things happening.

Moving your assets, like ships is a factor, though I expect you could pay others to do that for you.

Certain areas will be more risky to travel from and too. Yes you can hire people to take you from one point to another as well BUT there is always going to be risks, encounters and things happening.

In the future they will look at long distance travel again, they will always balance and push the game in a way that makes sense.


They are working on procedurally generating trains, stations, tracks, elevators, their shafts for cities so the system places and handles it for new areas.


What do you think of the hands on approach of the gameplay of star citizen, do you think there should be some more automation considered for certain areas like travel?

Tell me in the comments below.