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The End of Volunteer Mods

Welcome to some more Star Citizen today with some changes happening with the Spectrum Forums & Chat that some might find polarizing at least in the short term. The Volunteer Moderators are going, CIG are looking to employ mods and they’ve temporarily shut down a variety of the non-English chat rooms.

To be honest at first glance I was a little confused as it looks like a slap in the face to the volunteer mods & from a paranoid POV looks like CIG might be bringing moderation fully internally for censorship reasons. AND communities are literally being split apart as they have effectively taken away some of these language rooms without warning indefinitely.

Really I think CIG should of announced it a little earlier rather than just pulling the plug, at least thats what it looks like to me. I know the intention here is to have something more professional and in house as they are getting into a state where Star Citizen will be more main stream and many more players are coming on board.

Yes, users with other languages can just make temporary Orgs or use other methods, I just look at it from a, if it aint broke, dont fix it stand point OR at least don’t fix it until you have the employees in the office there to literally pull the plug and fix it… that metaphor might of been a bit specific…


CIG are actively recruiting for Moderators and for additional language support and they are full time, in office, paid positions.

Actually while we were talking about jobs, #NOTASHILLFORTHEIRJOBSLISTING but there are currently 93 job vacancies listed,

CIG is still expanding & they are looking for Business Managers for each of the studios that can:

Identify new business and partnership opportunities for CIG, Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

Create and maintain successful relationships with potential business and licensing partners.

It’s the sort of thing I would expect them to need on the road to release Squadron 42 but also expect to see potentially interesting other partnerships from other companies & Star Citizen in the future.