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Anvil Arrow Anniversary Teased & News Update

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News & Recap for the week ending the 11th of November. Talking about the Anniversary Sale, Roadmap Updates, RSI Sub Updates, Calling All Devs, Around The Verse, Reverse The Verse, Mods in Spectrum

Anniversary Sale
Every year they have a Star Citizen Anniversary Sale last year this was held from the 24th and had a different Ship Manufacturer each day featured with a video of progress on some ships and limited ships going back on sale. At the end of sale they enabled most of the ships that had been sold to be purchased.
There was also 2 concept sales and UEE Land Claims.
This year the Anniversary is likely to be from Friday the 23rd of November and we have already had a tease from the RSI Twitter all but confirming that the Anvil Arrow will be a new ship we see on sale here, though we don’t know if it’s a concept OR if it’s already Flyable.
Other potentials that we might see during the Anniversary are Titan ExoSuits, The Drake Corsair (Drake’s Answer to the Constellation).

Roadmap Updates
3.3 is now LIVE and pretty damn good performance wise!
3.3.5 is with the Evocati, hopefully that will go to wider PTU soon as it’s for the most part gameplay area.
3.4 is going to remain on the 3.3 Branch and push some of it’s major content to 3.5 in March 2019. The big parts being ArcCorp, The New Flight Model and the Female Character Additions all being delayed to 3.5.

RSI Subscriber Update
All active RSI subscribers will have access to all of the 600i Explorer for November.
This month’s Sub Flair is Red / Purple Leg Armor – Centurion Subs getting the former and Imperator getting both.
There is also a Subscriber’s Program Feedback & Discussion going on.

Calling All Devs
Item Wear will tick up in % showing how worn a component is.
Once they have docking, multi-grid physics tech & then they can get the parasite docking for the P-52, P-72 and similar ships. They are getting ship to station working first tho, then ship to ship docking.
They are working on better longer range headlights for ships.
Players will not be able to safely travel while offline to other Star Systems.
They are working on procedurally generating trains, stations, tracks, elevators, their shafts for cities.

Around The Verse
They are making tools and improving their Cloud Tech.
And Improving the way they do their GameDev Branches to make them more efficient and stable. So they can have Devs working on features quanteneed from the main DevBranch and more easily re-merge this when the feature is complete.

Reverse The Verse
Continued to talk about the building out & elements of Lorville but was basically some extra fluff from the CitizenCon presentation.

Volunteer Mods & Language Rooms
CIG have decided to get rid of their volunteer mods and bring moderation in house.
They are actively recruiting for moderator positions in various languages, in the meantime they have closed some of their non-english sections.

Newsletter Sneak Peek
In the Newsletter there was a Sneak Peek of the Updated Freelancer Variants.

On a side note the Valkyrie is listed as the wrong size on the RSI website, which was why my brain thought it would fit in a Javelin Originally it’s listed as 29x38m but it’s actually 35x46m. I do really like the ship BUT it’s slightly too big to make use to me. It is built to perfectly fit in a Bengal though & is going to feature in Squadron 42.