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Star Citizen 3.4 Updates – ArcCorp & New Flight Model Delayed

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a Roadmap Update, 3.3 is now LIVE there are a couple of changes to 3.3.5, BIG changes to 3.4 with some of it’s features being moved to 3.5 and updates to the latter as well.

3.3.5 – The Patch is currently in the Evocati Test phase.

There were a couple of pieces that got pushed into 3.3.5 from 3.3:

  • The Virgil TrueDef-Pro Armor
  • Object Container Streaming: Code Conversion & Background Spawning

Other Features The Patch has:

  • Planet Hurston, the Lorville Landing Zone & City as well as 2 New Moons.
  • This includes New Missions, Biomes, Extended FPS AI, New Shops such as New Deal a Ship Shop. A working tran transit system, new Habs, crowds of NPCs.
  • Clovus Darneely – New Mission Giver at Lorville
  • Hurston Dynamics, Clothing for purchase and NPCs to wear them.
  • Also there is a ship rental specific store on Lorville, which I assume is in 3.3.5 but could be in 3.4s business district.
  • The Starmap will accommodate the new planet with Additional Rest Stops and POI between Levski, Crusader and Hurston as well as there is quite a distance.

3.4 – 3.4 has now become 3.4 light, what I mean by that it was decided to get the quarterly schedule back on track that it would stick with the 3.3 Game Branch still, meaning that a variety of 3.4s features are now delayed until 3.5.

3.4 is Now planned to include:

  • New Mission Giver Wallace Klim at Levski
  • Ship Jacker Armor Sets
  • Lorville’s Business District
  • Smooth Locomotion Improvements for Characters
  • Kastak Arms Ravager 212 – Shotgun
  • Revisions to the Joker Sucker Punch and Sawbuck Repeaters ship Weapons
  • Improvements to Procedural City Rendering Performance.
  • Improvements to Video Comm graphics performance and enhancements to the visual presentation.
  • Ships & Vehicles – The Anvil Hawk Light Fighter / Bounty Hunter, the 600i Tour Module, Freelancer Variants MAX, DUR & MIS, Reliant Kore Improvements
  • Quantum Travel Improvements with upgrades to UI, interaction, and spline jumps.
  • Player Interaction Updates – Improvements and streamlining of the interaction system for players interacting with objects in the world.
  • VOIP & FOIP Improvements adding support for a simultaneous, proximity-based server-wide VoIP channel along with the dedicated channel, including, the ability to mute individual contacts, integration with OCS, and FoIP calibration and other performance improvements.

Mission Improvements

  • Improvements to the variety of Patrol Missions currently available, as well as implementation of Patrol Missions near Hurston.
  • Scramble Race Improvements & bug fixes.
  • Extending Delivery Missions to use Hurston and its moons and further Rest Stops. Additional Improvements and bug fixes.
  • General improvements to mining on both planetary bodies and asteroids.
  • REC Item Rentals- Adding functionality that allows players to rent ship items with REC for use in Arena Commander via the Main Menu rental shop.

The Features Pushed from 3.4 to 3.5 are:

  • Playable Female Characters & Updates to Female NPCs
  • Planet ArcCorp, it’s Landing Zone Area18 it’s 2 moons Lyria & Wala
  • FPS Stealth – NPC behaviors will allow the player to approach an encounter using stealth tactics and also allow NPCs to react appropriately.
  • AI Quantum & Strafing – This batch of improvements will allow AI Pilots to use quantum navigation, provide more updates to the IFCS flight mode, and allow AI to use basic scanning mechanics to possibly detect stealthed ships.
  • The Origin 300 Series Rework
  • Gas Cloud Tech – allowing the rendering of volumetric effects such as asteroid field dust, comet tails, etc.
  • Projectile Manager – Physics systems that will improve projectile functionality and realism in-game.
  • Hard Surface Shader Improvements – updates to the hard surface and organic shaders, allowing for enhanced environmental detail.
  • And The New Flight Model which overhauls the entire system.

3.5 – In addition to the parts of 3.4 moving over the 3.5 it also has planned:

  • DNA Face Customization  allowing for comprehensive facial customization for in-game characters.
  • Reputation/Law System v1 the initial iteration of the Reputation and Law system, allowing for localized crime ratings and reputations, along with integrated location-based missions.
  • Salvage v1 – implementing mechanics required for players to be able to strip material from a ship’s hull. This system will be designed to accommodate players who are on foot or in a ship. The player will have to scan the environment to find salvageable debris. Once harvested, unrefined materials can be sold at a kiosk.
  • Service Beacon Escort – integrating Quantum Linking, the new Escort beacons will improve Combat Assistance by allowing your hired guns to more readily accompany you.
  • Ships & Vehicles – M50 Improvements – balancing the reworked base model of Origin’s m50 racer to make it flight-ready in the game. Work on this task will include improvements to landing gear compression and updating the UI metrics in the cockpit to improve pilot experience.
  • Adding the Banu Defender, The Reliant Variants the Tana, Sen and Mako, Improvements to the P52 and Implementing the Revised and flyable Constellation Taurus.
  • It adds the Gemini’s S71 assault rifle, Kastak Arms Coda pistol & Revisions to the GT-870 Tarantula S1-3 Ship Weapons.
  • Parallel Network Jobs – Increased network multithreading. Moving packet receive processing into the job system so that the server can handle a greater number of connections. This system should allow the game to increase player count per server beyond the limitations of the current tech.
  • The Lobby Refactor – This will lay the groundwork for server migration technology that will allow us to connect multiple servers and clients in the same game session. As this task is closely aligned to server meshing, there won’t be an immediate observable benefit to the tech until all server meshing work is complete.

Release Dates

  • This should mean that after 3.3.5 is out LIVE, they are back to getting patches LIVE each Quarter.
  • There is no hard release date for 3.3.5 LIVE but I am expecting around the end of November maybe the 23rd to coincide with the Anniversary Sale, it should go to wider PTU well before then though.
  • I think they mentioned their aim was a LIVE 3.4 build was for the 20th of December.
  • And 3.5 will be at the end of March 2019.
  • There may be mini patches in between if necessary too.