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Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 LIVE Patch Notes & Feature Updates

Welcome to Some More Star Citizen with a 3.3.0 LIVE Patch Notes & New Features Summary.

Object Container Streaming
The Biggest Addition is the Implementation of OCS or Client Side Object Container Streaming and Asynchronous Background Spawning. This is a technical Milestone, probably the largest that Star Citizen has hit to date. It allows for intelligent streaming of required assets in game giving users significantly higher frame rates, less Ram usage, more efficient use/scaling of CPU & other optimizations. There is also Various performance tweaks that have been made to 3.3 that are not OCS that will also help too. The game should run much better across a range of PC Hardware & Setups.

VOIP & FOIP – Face & Voice Over IP / Groups
Settings can be accessed via the “comm setting” options menu including basic options and webcam facial calibration along with options to enable head-look tracking. To check if VOIP is active, open the comms section of the mobiGlas and be sure the microphone icon is enabled. VOIP requires the “NUMPAD +” to activate and broadcast to party members, proximity (if in global chat), or via direct calls. A “selfie” camera can be activated to check on FOIP behavior using the “numpad -” key and you can quick calibrate using the “numpad *” key. It is recommended that you rebind these keys to whatever is comfortable.

  • Numerous updates to grouping and chat services including a new visor chat interface.
  • Players can create their own chat on the comms mobiGlas and “tab” between different chats (ie global, party)” on the visor.

Quantum Updates
The Starmap now has Quantum route planning functionality. To use, plot a final destination via the Starmap (can be any destination, including outposts). Routing will automatically display a series of quantum jumps along with the fuel required. Players will still have to calibrate and spool, but after each jump they will automatically be presented with the next destination in the route without needing to open their Starmap. The quantum interface has also been updated to support this functionality with with “set route”, “clear route”, and go to current location (appears as a crosshair).

  • The Quantum Drive now performs according to its power state including faster spooling/calibration based on power and the ability to be overclocked.
  • Quantum drives now have a maximum range per jump that varies depending on the size of the drive.
  • When starting a linked quantum jump the party list will now only show who started the jump with you.
  • Fuel Updates to quantum travel: Ships can now initiate a QT to a destination they do not have enough fuel to reach, which is communicated on the HUD. You can still initiate the travel, but will run out of fuel on the way there.

Added Teach’s Ship Shop to Levski.
Reached through an elevator in the customs area. You can purchase a ship using aUEC via interacting with ships on the shop floor (similar to store displays). Ships on the shop floor can be opened and explored, but not flown. All purchased ships come with insurance. It is assumed that Ships Bought with aUEC and aUEC itself will be reset with each patch until a future release.

Gameplay & Locations

  • Added Rest Stop Location – CRU L2
  • Added the repair/refuel/rearm functionality previously associated with CryAstro to all station landing pads (Port Olisar, Levski, Grimhex) and at Rest Stops. Note: Repair mG function no longer automatically pops up and will need to be manually selected via the service app.
  • CryAstro station has been removed as all services can now take place at rest stops and stations
  • Mission giver Recco Battaglia – A former miner, Recco can be found in a side-hall on the lower floor at Levski and organizes resource needs for the base.
  • Added “Scramble Race” style missions.
  • Scramble races are death races using ships in space OR using vehicles (Ursa/Cyclone) OR Gravlev bikes (Nox/Dragonfly) on moons. Races use a checkpoint system with each player who shoots (ships) or moves over/near (vehicles) a checkpoint accruing a point toward victory. Additionally, players can destroy race leaders to gain their points. Races have a registration period after accepting the mission, giving some time for others to register, and a travel period for players to make their way to the start line. Planetary surface races are located reasonably close to outposts for ease of travel and spawning vehicles.
  • Added FPS combat AI. Available as a mission to Security Post Kareah.
  • Updated Security Post Kareah with new props, new geometry, and updated lighting.
  • Updated delivery missions to include a new delivery locker system to expand their locations and functionality as well as Updated and polished pickup and dropoff deliveries at outposts.
  • Reduced the rate of interdiction to add more of a “rare” feel.

Mining Updates

  • Asteroid Mining – Mineable resources can now be found in the asteroid belt around Yela and Delamar. These can be exploited by a Prospector.
  • Changed mining power graph to reflect power transfer per time.
  • Added a visual shaking effect to mining to help indicate the optimal range.
  • The mining overcharge/danger bar now fills faster the greater danger you are in.
  • Extraction throughput while mining is now based on how long the beam hits the same location.
  • Instability while mining can now be lowered by holding the laser steady on the same point.
  • Reworked the way instability and resistance is calculated for mineable rocks.
  • When mineable rocks fracture their constitute ore will be unevenly divided.
  • The broken up chunks of mineable rocks should now have a radar icon when outside of the range of outlining.
  • Updated the mining resource quantities to create a thinner spread of higher yields.
  • Faded central elements of the mining UI slightly to allow for better visibility.
  • Added new minable materials to refinery kiosks and rebalanced commodity trade routes.

Ships and Vehicles

  • They added the  RSI Constellation Phoenix, Aegis Hammerhead & Anvil Valkyrie
  • Cyclone TR, AA, and RC – The Cyclone TR includes a rear gunner position, meant for combating infantry and ground vehicles. The AA has missiles and an EMP for dealing with threats from above. The RC is a racing variant with boost functionality.
  • Coolers now use power, perform according to power, and can be overclocked.
  • Turret gyro-stabilization can now be toggled via an interaction node as well as a hotkey “G”.
  • Power target level can now be set independently for each item on the ship MFDs, allowing them to be manually over or under-powered.
  • Complete rework of the Mustang series.
  • Changed and reallocated support screen distribution on the Constellation series.
  • Suppressed collision warnings for vehicles in hover mode to avoid excessive audio spam.
  • Removed aim assist from turrets.
  • Default loadouts have been redone on the following ships & their variants: Gladius, Retaliator, Sabre, Hornet, Hurricane, Terrapin, Mustang, Buccaneer, Cutlass, Dragonfly, Herald, Merlin, Prospector, Reliant, Starfarer, 300 Series, 85x, Aurora, Constellation, Nox and Khartu-Al.
  • Increased the damage of all ship cannons, lowered their fire rate, increased their heat generation, and swapped many to “autocannons” that fire automatically. Mass drivers and scatterguns have remained semi-automatic.
  • Updated heat and power MFDs.
  • Removed some of the scratches on the cockpit canopy interior of the Terrapin.
  • Refactored item overheat behavior and overheat warning system.
  • Added landing gear compression to the 85x.
  • Added a scroll bar to MFDs.
  • Increased the afterburner velocity of the Hurricane.
  • Added landing gear compression to the Freelancer.
  • Improved the headlights for most ships.
  • Balanced the power draw of the mining laser to require some degree of power management.
  • Significantly increased the health and regen of size 3 shields.

Shopping & Items

  • Expanded item previews for shopping kiosks and the mobiGlas.
  • Kiosks, the PMA, and the VMA all now have functioning item previews.
  • Added: Kastak Arms Karna assault rifle (available at Live Fire and Skutters).
  • Added Hurston Dynamics Dominance and Attrition series ship weapons.

Available in sizes 1 – 3, the Dominance series are high quality scatterguns that fire more pellets as they build up heat. The Attrition series, available in sizes 1 – 6, are laser repeaters that deal higher damage, via increased fire rate, the hotter the weapon gets. Both weapons can be purchased at GrimHex Dumper’s Depot.

Arena Commander

  • Added Arena Commander in-game rental system – Available within the Arena Commander menu, players can now rent available ships direct from the client.
  • Rebalanced REC rewards and rental costs
  • Temporarily removed the ability to customize and/or remove items from rented ships.
  • Changed the rental timer to a static timer that starts at the time of rental and lasts 3 days.


  • They Updated the RSI Odyssey Flight suit base design this is the default UnderSuit you have.
  • Added sliders for general mouse and mouse ADS sensitivity.
  • Slowed down and polished AI stair locomotion.
  • Replaced Levski elevators with a revamped system.
  • Added motion warping to allow sliding during vaulting depending on the object/destination.
  • Polished and smoothed one handed and two handed place/pickup animations.
  • Updated pistol, stock, and shouldered inspect poses for more movement and control.
  • Added a blue light to spin animations for the F55.
  • Players can now enter interaction mode while inspecting a weapon.
  • Refinements and improvements to FPS weapon recoil.
  • Sped up the animation speeds of the lean mechanic.
  • Tweaks to the level of protection provided by personal armor.
  • Recoil and sway pass on the Gallant energy rifle.
  • Updated numerous basic locomotion animations.
  • Smoothed FPS movement and sway in and out of ADS.
  • Updated notification system with a new overall icon and new event specific icons, including the ability to dismiss the alert.
  • Removed F11 and RALT menus/function.

Bug Fixes & Technical
There were a slew of Bug Fixes that turned up and were fixed during the Evocati – PTU – LIVE phase for the patch. I’ll highlight & summarize the more important ones.

  • They Fixed multiple client crashes.
  • NPCs should no longer get stuck trying to use an object.
  • Fix for desync between client and server when respawning after suicide.
  • Watermelons have returned to Echo 11, minus their crash causing behavior.
  • A Huge Range of Fixes for the 600i
  • Ammo pickups in Arena Commander should now function properly.
  • MFDs Should be Functioning Properly
  • Fixes to mission & mission giver accessibility and quest completion.
  • The player ship target should now clear after it has been removed.
  • Ships & Vehicle Fixes
  • AI Behavior Fixes
  • Ship debris should now inherent the parent ship’s velocity.
  • Player footprints should no longer appear facing the wrong direction near the poles of planetary bodies.

Major Known Issues

  • Players will have to enable VOIP manually in the mobiGlas comms when joining a server, but doing so may introduce some instability.
  • Mission markers no longer appear after using crash recovery.
  • Turrets without gyro-stabilization enabled may not move as intended.

That’s it for the patch notes, the typical delete your user folder will help, though save any keybindings. If you were playing on the PTU you can Run the LIVE Game Launcher and then close it when it starts to update, then copy the contents of your PTU folder over to the LIVE folder, then update that from the LIVE Launcher again, for a significantly quicker download.