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Star Citizen News – The 2948 Anniversary & Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, The Expo & FreeFly may have ended BUT the Anniversary Sale continues until the 4th of December. With all of the manufacturers ships being available that have been on sale during the event, minus the limited stock of some that has sold out. Now may be the best time to grab up your favorite ship, upgrade or starter pack & with that in mind.

So for the last week we had a freefly event as well as a different Ship and Vehicles manufacturers featured on the expo hall floor in game at Lorville on Hurston allowing, players to try out 80 of the flyable ships in game. It was good to know that ship rentals can be put in the game so easily so hopefully we will see this as an addition to the game in 3.4.

On the Roadmap there has been no movement of features or further delays.

3.4 is still basically an extension of 3.3 now but is going to open up the Lorville business district and should provide a lot more content with missions, FPS Combat AI, a huge range of QoL improvements to current mechanics and systems (this should mean more performance gains) as well as some new ships the Freelancer Variants, Hawk, Reliant Improvements & Luxury Module for the 600i.

3.5 is where most of the meat is though, now with female character, the DNA customizer (for deeper character creation), the new flight model and some new ways to customize and buy ships starting with the 300 rework, it sounds like we will be able to pre-customize a range of details about our ships from the website from color to potentially loadout.


Gamepacks Cheaper
There are a load of Discount Game Packages available on the RSI Website too, while stocks last (or until the 4th of December). Ranging from the Mustang Alpha to the Constellation they all contain game packages and have a $10 discount and come with 72 month insurance, but they are warbond meaning you can’t use store credit. For that reason I’d recommend grabbing a Mustang Alpha if you are interested, as you can always upgrade it later.

Also if you are looking for LTI on your ship then the better way would to be grabbing the $80 arrow game package, as it comes with LTI on your ship, though 72 months is a huge amount of time & won’t start until the game is more complete anyway.


In the Newsletter there was a sneak peek at the stock market and commodities price table. It’s looking pretty slick and hypes me for, trade, cargo running and the economy.

The Anvil Arrow Light Fighter was revealed and is flyable, it’s extremely small, fast and agile but also has solid firepower a true military light fighter for the game.

They also unveiled the Aopoa Santokyai which is the medium fighter version of the xi’an scout light fighter and is intended to stack up against the Super Hornet & Sabre but in the Xi’an Military Style. I have videos up on both those ships,  The Anvil Arrow Q&A came out too. I’ll cover that in another video.


November Ship Winners
There were a lot of prizes for giveaways this month, we had the Sabre Raven with CitizenCon Goodies as well as 16 Cutlass /w Dragonfly Packages that were donated to the Channel by Matadors, thank you for that, that is a lot of ships.

You can find the full list of winners here –

In addition to these winners, I’ve given Licha-chron who literally keeps my Reddit Active a Sabre Raven too. I appreciate the love and support dude.


Future Org Spotlights
I am reworking the way I do Org Spotlights so I can feature more Orgs and talk about gameplay mechanics that they focus on and why. If you are interested in having your
Org featured please drop me a message on and send me all of your org info, links and pretend you are recruiting me so I can get an idea of exactly what you do.

Also YOU DO NOT NEED TO GIVE ME SHIPS to be featured, if you want to do that, it can be arranged after I’ve contacted you, I want to feature Orgs big and Small with no barrier to entry.

We will be giving away another Sabre Raven with a CitizenCon Digital Goodies Pack, all you need to do is be subscribed to the Channel & Comment on any of my video in December to be in for a chance of winning.