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Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.7 PTU Patch Notes & Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with an Update with Alpha 3.3.7 on the PTU now, it’s patch notes and changes.

The Testing Focus for the Patch and current Alpha PTU build is General gameplay and ship AI. The PTU should be open to everyone.

The Changes that have been made that are listed are:

  • Updated some NPC facial animations.
  • Removed anniversary hall content.
  • The Anvil Arrow should now have zero-g animations.
  • NPCs at Lorville should no longer become stuck in lines.
  • AI ships should now consistently move and respond correctly.
  • AI at Kareah should now properly search after reacting to sound or being shot.
  • The wallet balance should now properly update when using service beacons or other mobiGlas purchases (no more negative UEC).
  • They also Fixed 2 server crashes & made some Minor performance optimization improvements.

Basically this patch was to change some pieces after the Expo and get AI, NPCs and enemies some quick fixes, though this seems to work on some missions and not others.

It’s also fixed the dreaded negative aUEC bug that some players had, so your aUEC balance should now reflect what it actually should be!

A major Problem is still mission inconsistencies in completion and accessibility.

Mission givers, admins and waypoints can and very regularly become unresponsive and there is no way to then complete them. Getting Missions & Mission Givers working is probably the major thing I want addressed.

Also they need to hook up Hurston with localized missions actually get more to do in Lorville and Hurston.

There are problems with selling commodities in large quantities as well, so you have to sell huge cargos in tiny little increments. There isn’t much in the way of trade working around Hurston either.

Bed logging works sometime but not others, VOIP and FOIP doesn’t seem to be currently working, FOIP does on the client side at least I suppose.

Mission rewards need to be higher and there needs to be more difficult more rewarding missions.

There is obviously a lot of QoL, bug fixing and more they need to do (the mobiGlass stutters when you bring it in and out again for example) BUT with 3.4 on the horizon, probably with an Evocati Build as soon as this Friday we might not see any more fixes after this patch until 3.4 is LIVE so I hope they do another quick iron to get 3.3.7 in a good state for LIVE which I suspect it will go to within the next day or so.