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Crytek V CIG Lawsuit Update & Weekly Summary

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News with a quick Roadmap Update, Taking a look at the latest from the Crytek V CIG Lawsuit as well as a brief summary of the official CIG shows from the week, Around The Verse, Calling All Devs & Reverse the Verse.

Roadmap Updates
Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 is currently in it’s Evocati Phase, with a wider PTU likely coming within the week. I believe that the 3.4 LIVE build is planned for the 20th of December still.

On the Roadmap – There is the addition of Constantine Hurston to 3.4 as a Mission Giver, he will be in the CBD area, this area will also include Transfers a Trading area & Showcase a shop displaying all of Hurston Dynamics wares. This area was also shown off in AtV and it’s a very clean expensive looking corporate headquarters.

The New Flight Model now appears on the Roadmap for 3.5 & is described as Implementing the all new in-game flight control system, incorporating a total overhaul to the entire Star Citizen flight experience. For a detailed look at this new system, check out The Principles of Flight panel from CitizenCon 2948 on our Youtube channel. It has 122 tasks completed of 144.

There is no progress on the 3.6 or beyond patches currently, at least nothing on being updated on the Roadmap as such, it’s in need of a big update to address SQ42 and beyond 3.6 which should be added towards the end of December.


Crytek v CIG Update
In regard to the ongoing case with Crytek v CIG there has been an update. Please Prefix this with I AM NOT A LAWYER.

In Crytek’s SAC (Second Amended Complaint) as I understand it they alleged that CIG/Star Citizen wasn’t allowed to switch engine to Lumberyard, they had to promote CryEngine, the GLA did not allow them to develop their own engine or develop something with another.

CIG asked for a motion to dismiss on those points, which the Court has granted “with leave to amend” meaning Crytek has one last opportunity to change their complaint or suggest new evidence as to address these deficiencies. I believe they have until the 21st of December to respond.

The Court said that CIG weren’t engaging in the business of selling or promoting a competing engine. That the GLA allowed them to make additions to the CryEngine for their needs and the GLA only prevents them from licensing their Engine to a 3rd Party BUT they are allowed to change engines to Lumberyard as they have done so. CIG are in no way obliged to promote Crytek or the CryEngine.

Though some of the more minor points of Crytek’s case still stand, like was BugSmashers Leaking code that it shouldn’t & SQ42 wasn’t part of the original agreement (though seeing they have moved to Lumberyard that shouldn’t be much of an issue). It is in my opinion an incredibly devastating blow to Crytek’s case to have that all dismissed at this stage.

There is quite a good Reddit Thread up about it


There was some more ship info, a sort of question was asked on Spectrum by Quinto:

Now that we speak about ships (due to RTV), I wonder where is the ‘runabout’ (small ship without quantum capacity) that was supposed to come with the Reclaimer (according to the concept selling).

Disco Lando Replied – The Cutter is still happening. Like the Archimedes AND Lynx in the Phoenix, the Pisces in the Carrack, the Origin Rover in the 600i and more, these parasite ships are often developed independently from the primary ship. As was stated a number of times in today’s RTV, if we’re not saying something about a ship today, it’s simply that there isn’t anything new to share you don’t already know. When there is, you’ll hear about it.  )


Show Summary
Around The Verse – Showed off some work to Lyria a moon of ArcCorp in addition to that CBD piece.

Reverse the Verse – There was an RtV this week giving us a lot of info about a range of ships in development.
The Carrack has grown to 125m and should be completed next year, the ship has a bit of everything.
The Vanguard is getting some updates with it’s central module also being completely redesigned.
The Redeemer will see an entire redesign and will become a Gunship.
The Reclaimer will have salvage gameplay when the salvage mechanics are added, this is planned for 3.5
The 890 has a medical bay, a swimming pool, steam room and sauna.
Ship Modularity is still a thing, lots of ships will have the ability to change out rooms or large sections for different functions and roles.

Calling All Devs – Physical inventories are coming in Alpha 3.6 this will mean we have to store items in lockers & storage areas to be able to switch between them, no more all your guns and armor are on you all the time.
Ship Prices are priced toward the actual future full persistence intention. Which means in the shorter term they may have an accelerated way of making aUEC in game with missions.
Eventually items & ships will be priced dynamically based on the value of their component parts, materials and processes that go into creating them.

We are expecting something like a Holiday Livestream or Special on the 20th/21st of December from CIG, last year we go the Vertical Slice for Squadron 42.