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Microtech, ArcCorp & Female Character Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with some updates on MicroTech, ArcCorp, the female character model, some amazing concepts and 3.4 bits too, this is a summary of Around the Verse – Have Armor, Will Travel and some extra news tacked on!

Jump Town has been hotly contested over the last couple of weeks in the current LIVE Alpha 3.37. It’s the Drugs Lab on Yela and is the only place to sell the Widow Commodity which is one of the best ways of earning money in game.

In Lorvilles CBD in the main hall is a giant statue of Archibald Hurston
They’ve been improving the assets there somewhat.
The large Statues should look much better in the extreme near future than it does in the 3.4 ptu
There is a whole new musical set for the area.
The Hurston Dynamics HQ is 4km high

ArcCorp – They showed off City Block generation in white box with the new planet tech they have. Scale variety and detail is the focus here. Huge buildings.

More visual work on the icy moon of Lyria.

Microtech – It is the coldest of the planets in the Stanton System, it had a terraforming accident, but the entire planet isn’t covered in ice, there are nordic forest biomes too.

They are putting the finishing touches to Wallace Klim in 3.4

Female Characters – They are making sure that all the assets/items will have a 1 to 1 parity to the male character. It’s important that whatever sex you choose they are equivalent.
They are able to morph armor from male to female using a sort of unified body. This would use the same armor assets and wrap them to the body shape.
They need to ensure that all the undersuits with males and females fit under armor, do not clip and are culled correctly.
Tech art then skin it up and rig it. Design then will handle the unification of items.
They’ve been preping for a long time so the pipeline shouldn’t be too impacted.
There may be some specific wearables/armor for males or females BUT they are trying to make as much as possible 1 to 1, so don’t expect any benefits character, item or gameplay wise from the choice of males or females other than astetic differences.
Think dresses. Typically armor is gender neutral. They don’t want to hyper-sexualize anything, they don’t want to have to rework all the armor assets and items, so this keeps things balanced and saves a huge amount of time.

They showed off some Hurston Management concepts for clothing…. Omg I HAVE NEVER WANTED AESTHETIC ITEMS SO MUCH!
It’s extremely Old Money 1920s inspired BUT IN THE FUTURE, I think it looks pretty 1950s inspired too personally.

Some other news
It looks like the Freelancer Variants & Hawk might be going up in value by $10 as spotted on the CCUs page. I would expect a flight ready sale for them when 3.4 goes live.
The Hawk is now listed as $100
The DUR $135
The MAX $150
And the MIS $175

The Squadron 42 Newsletter has been pushed back to Thursday, December 20.
I suspect we will be getting a lot of new info on the 20th/21st next week!
The 600i is on Flash Sale for Subscribers until the 17th of December.
Subscribers can also fly the Hammerhead in the PU throughout the month.
The last part of the Venture Explorer Suit the chest piece in red & in blue also went out to subs!