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Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.0g PTU Patch Notes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with patch notes & Updates for Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.0g PTU, this is actually the 2nd wider PTU patch but the Evocati used all the letters previous which is why this one is g it’s currently available to RSI Subscribers, Concierge & Evocati.

The Testing Focus for the Patch is The Freelancer variants, 600i Touring, the Lorville Central Business District as well as Hurston mission variants (bounty missions, downed relay (Darneely) missions, FPS AI missions, delivery missions, scramble races)

Feature Updates

  • Greatly reduced the damage done to ships and players by the multi-tool.
  • Polish pass on Recco Battaglia look ik and body position.
  • Updated Lorville transit maps to remove CBD “lockdown”.
  • Further updates for Klim’s area of Levski.
  • Music, art, and ambience updates for Lorville and CBD.
  • Reduced Ling Delivery missions to offer one to the player.
  • Increased mission rewards by 50%.
  • Added UI label on target CVI for subtarget and restricted subtarget to ship engines.
  • Added KSAR Ravager Shotgun – The Ravager Shotgun can be found at LiveFire, Skutters, and Conscientious Objects shops.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Added subtarget keybinds to custom keybinding options.
  • Added size 1 and 3 Ballistic Repeaters and made them available at Port Olisar’s Dumper’s Depot.
  • Added size 2 and 3 Suckerpunch Cannons and made them available at GrimHex Dumper’s Depot.
  • Camera adjustments to remote turrets to work better with direct input.
  • Shifting the seating position for co-pilot seats in the 600i back some.
  • EMP devices are now default powered off and there is a UI alert to inform the player if they attempt to activate it while off.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing atmospheric entry for the 600i touring.
  • Delivery mission markers to the admin should no longer be placed at their feet.
  • The 600i elevator should no longer rise indefinitely or fall through the ground.
  • The player should no longer move large distances while jumping or moving down stairs.
  • The Freelancer’s Yoke should no longer clip during yaw motion.
  • Escort missions should now update and function correctly.
  • Kills during missions should now be recorded properly.
  • Localization text should no longer be visible on the death information card for Arena Commander.
  • Character faces should no longer flicker visibly.
  • The Freelancer’s should now have quantum travel effects.
  • The missile’s on the Freelancer MIS should no longer fire backwards.
  • The camera should no longer roll at certain angles on remote turrets.
  • ESP should now be functioning.
  • The camera should now properly stay aligned during turret rotation for the large top turret on the Starfarers.
  • Fixed awkward head movement when access the mobiGlas in EVA.
  • Text on kiosks should no longer be cut off.
  • Players should no longer be able to place boxes into delivery lockers without the door being open.
  • There should no longer be blocks of invisible collision at Lorville gates.
  • The “Evict Illegal Occupants” mission should now complete properly.
  • Lorville guards should no longer be wearing mismatching armor.
  • Corrected interior lighting setup on 600i touring.
  • Small Lorville performance tweak.
  • Fixed 5 client crashes & 3 server crashes.

There are still some Major Known Issues with the patch:

  • Downed relay missions may fail to update.
  • All items are missing at rest stop shops.
  • Dumper’s Depot kiosk is not functioning properly.

The performance is a bit better in Lorville, still lower than I’d like by quite some margin, but the major change here for me is extra monies from the large range of missions, you can be picking up comfortably 6k a mission from the start, which is starting to be quite a lot of aUEC.

There are still crashes but a lot less, the stability of the patch is pretty good.

VOIP was working pretty well locally too.

I think we could see the PTU to go out to more waves later today for the weekend.