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CIG Financial Analysis, 3.4.1 Hotfixes & Ship Names

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News with various things today, a quick summary of a Forbes Article summarizing the recent financials of CIG, Hotfixes and Xmas work to Alpha 3.4.1, future Ship Naming & Ship Health Changes.

There were Forbes Article summarizing the recent financials of CIG.
According to Forbes Analysis of the Financials – CIG had by the end of 2017 brought in $207 million, this is more than some would expect as subscriber funds and other pieces are also included here but don’t appear to be included on the funding chart. They had also spent $193 million of this, giving them $14 million in capital on hand. Funding in 2017 hit $44 million across pledges, events, merch and subscriptions.

This year 2018 looks like it might be the best year ever for CIG.

Staff is the highest expenditure for the studio in 2017 costing $30 million with 464 employees.

They have grown to over 500 employees since and are still expanding, with 100 jobs listed on the CIG website.

Other costs associated with development made up the second-largest line item in 2017, at $10 million. In Expenditure.

Squadron 42 is listed on the roadmap to be mostly feature complete by the end of 2019 with an alpha/beta in 2020.

The expectation is that the release sales of Squadron 42 Episode 1 will bring a large amount of money into the project.


CIG have been making some hotfixes to 3.4.1 LIVE.
There were some issues with trading consoles thus affecting cargo running quite heavily & a few other issues. Wakapedia CIG sent out this message:

They also confirmed that – A majority of the team is off on Holiday Break this season, but we do still have limited support monitoring for any major issues that pop up.

This skeleton crew working xmas is indeed limited and voluntary. Staff are there in their pajamas. 🙂

For you combat pilots, there is a very cool PiPs & DPS Calculator

This shows you the DPS of loadouts and where to shoot at on targets for best results at various ranges. It is a cool useful tool that I recommend!


There was a thread on Spectrum talking about Ship Names vs Player Names
Will we be able to name our ships and have different names for ships or will they have the names of their pilots when you scan them? Or Both?

CIG Mark Abent responded:

Good news its in the backlog.
One day, you will name your ship ‘ ShippyMcShip ‘ if not then I will 😀
Ignoring detail scanning ( cargo, etc ), then Vehicle scanning is composed of these 4 surface information: Model, Legal Owner ( Player Owned ) or Faction ( AI ), Driver, Health %.
These might be shifted around or the name of the ship will be combined with the “Model” surface information. Subject to change of course.

There was a follow up question – About Health % and HP of ships being temporary.

This was met by the reply

“The current ship health/destruction is NOT the final version.
The new model, Physically based damage, is currently scheduled for Q3 2019 on the S42 roadmap.“

This should bring about more realistic destruction of ships BUT we have also been previously been told that TTK will be rising especially with medium to larger ships.

Ships will very often be disabled, individual components and systems will be destroyed or damaged and require repair to become functional again, this all requires components to be fully physicalized on ships and be hooked up so that they actually drive the simulation of the ships systems working together which is currently being worked on as well.

CitizenReactor Modding
The CitizenReactor de facto modding community for the game currently has released their 3rd update to their “modding tools”