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Mission Givers Guide

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a quick Guide on Mission Givers & How to Access them / their missions.

Once you have met the requirements (if any) for any mission givers they may send you a appointment or priority mission straight to your personal missions in the mobiGlas.

The first 3 mission givers we’ll look at are Recco Battaglia, Wallace Kilm and Miles Eckhart who are all on Delamar in the Landing Zone Levski.
Once you’ve landed you need to get in the Lift at Customs and take it to the Grand Barter Level.
You can then go left which will take you to Recco, Right will take you to Wallace Kilm and in to the Grand Barter and the Bar there to Miles Eckhart.

Recco Battaglia –  is just round to the left from the lifts down from Customs.
She Will just send you an appointment without any requirements.
These are delivery missions with a mining theme.
Once we have a bit more mining polish expect these to require mining specific mechanics.

Wallace Kilm – is a little harder to find and tucked away to the right of the lifts, round and through this broken looking doorway.
He will just send you an appointment again without any requirements.
These are drugs and delivery missions, however there are mission items now that you can stow on your character, so you don’t always need cargo space to do delivery missions now.

Miles Eckhart – is sitting at a table at the Cafe Musain bar by the Grand Barter.
Miles actually requires you to have some rep typically by doing Patrol, ECN and Security Missions around Crusader. Miles runs a security firm and his missions are “themed” as such.

Ruto – is at Grim Hex
After you’ve landed and taken the elevators to the main area you’ll want to take the 2nd corridor on the left. He is a Hologram there.
He looks to have criminal requirements of at least spending some time as a criminal after a reset. I’ve also always had a criminal rating of at least 4 at somepoint before he has given me an appointment though sometimes not in the same session, so it looks like as long as you did that at some point.

This is at Grim Hex, 2nd hallway to the left when leaving the elevators on the bottom level.
You need to do a few criminal missions to build up a rep before he contacts you. Level 4 criminal seems to be the sweet spot and no need to kill other players to get there.

The last 2 Mission Givers bring us to Lorville on Hurston.
Constantine Hurston is located in the CBD at Lorville in the Office of Transfers.
You get there from Leavsden Station in the L19 Workers District which will take you on the Central Line.
He appears to require you to have done some Hurston Contracted Bounty Hunting, Security / Mercenary Missions to give you an appointment.

Clovis Darneely is Reclamation & Disposal in the L19 Workers or Hab Area of Lorville in Leavesden Square. Which has you go left before you you’d go to Leavsden Station. It’s Clearly Labelled
Clovis doesn’t appear to have any requirements to get an appointment from him.
He also has the Down Satellite Mission to retrieve and decode a Server Blade.
Missions like the Clovis Darneely one have a counter mission generated for them too for a player to destroy the blade a public mission will appear in the mobiGlas.

There are lots of other non-Mission giver missions that become exposed or can spawn once you’ve done a few missions in a chain or whether you are lawful or an outlaw.
And more missions will spawn for some of the mission givers over time too be sure to check your mobiGlas Public and Personal Missions every so often for new missions and counter missions.