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Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.2 NOW LIVE

Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.2 is now LIVE and has also come with a reset, let’s talk about the updates and Patch Notes.

Firstly The persistent database has been reset for this patch, so aUEC and aUEC purchases as well as spawn locations & crime ratings have all been wiped.

The Patch Updates & Fixes Various bits:

  • Increased the time limit for visiting mission givers and adjusted the cooldown on various missions.
  • Removed additional cargo capacity from 600i touring to match design intent.
  • Adjusted QT Drive overheat/cooldown times for smaller ships
  • Additional audio effects for mining arm transitions and actions added
  • Perimeter gates at Lorville should no longer always show the gate as the transit destination on train displays.
  • Fixed incorrect mesh in some areas of Lorville’s no-fly zone & an invisible collision area in one of the underground facilities on Hurston.
  • Missions should no longer fail if/when your ship is stored by ATC.
  • There should now be audible ambience in Lorville’s admin office.
  • Opening the scanner while spooling your quantum drive should no longer cause a large drop in performance.
  • Fixed graphical issues in the hangar elevators at various rest stops.
  • Delivery lockers should no longer remain stuck open after abandoning the mission.
  • Multiple unrelated missions should no longer use the “bounty danger” text.
  • The Freelancer MAX should now have working headlights.
  • The Freelancer MAX should now be lockable.
  • Players should no longer have the option to “inspect” or “stow” delivery crates.
  • Added missing Ruto/Eckhart collect & delivery variant missions.
  • Increased turret respawn range at underground facility to avoid them respawning too quickly.
  • Expanded underground facility missions to accomodate more locations.
  • “Bad Token” text should no longer be present in the on-foot keybinds section.
  • The Reliant Kore should no longer have placeholder text on various VMA item ports.
  • Arena Commander classic race checkpoints should now properly trigger within the rings.
  • FPS combat AI should no longer exhibit a response delay after shooting the first opponent.
  • Ships should no longer have small holes in their shields that allow damage to pass through.
  • FPS AI should now consistently engage after the player runs away and returns to combat.
  • “Joker” ship weapon manufacturer should now have a logo.
  • Player bounty missions should now correctly appear.
  • Added audio effects to mining arm transitions.
  • The objective marker for the leader in a Scramble Race should now properly be a secondary style marker.
  • The VMA should now save loadouts when used within player hangars.
  • Leaving pilot seat and returning while in Quantum Travel should no longer break QT HUD
  • Players should no longer spawn at map origin when logging out in ship bed while not in close proximity of a base
  • Various sections of Lorville hab should no longer be missing ambience and audio cues
  • Kareah Assassination mission is no longer advertised across entire Stanton system
  • Ship canopy should no longer open/close randomly by itself
  • Ships should no longer experience limited functionality following instance recovery after a crash
  • UGF-Elbridge missions should not correctly spawn objectives and markers
  • Comm video calls should now return when players return within distance of each other
  • Fixed an issue where character eyes and hair could appear blurry.
  • Missiles in atmosphere should no longer stick to the target’s hull and fail to explode.
  • Mission boxes should no longer teleport to origin when put down or dropped.
  • Commodities purchased via the kiosk should no longer be removed when the ship is spawned.
  • Weapons/items should no longer be able to be placed in any slot.
  • Fixed 16 client crashes & 8 server crashes.

There are a couple of Major Known Issues in the patch notes:

  • Ship AI can appear immobile and in a bad state.
  • VOIP is currently off by default and will need to be enabled on the Comms section of the mobiGlas by clicking the bell icon.

A Couple of gripes I still have with the patch are:

The 600i still requires a lot of fixing and has lots of issues.
mobiGlas is still bugged

Having the every gun under the sun equippable to ships Exploit Fix was super important here and a reset because of that seems sensible. It looks like the UI had priority over any checks that would of been done to see if an item could be equipped that caused the issue.

Database resets are going to happen with every major patch (probably) and some minor patches based on if they need to have a new database or clear up stuff for testing, the fact there was a major exploit meaning a load of ships have items equipped they shouldn’t be able to like from 3.4.1 is a good reason for example.

3.5 and a new flight model looms ever closer, one of the major things that is kinda needed with that patch is AI both on the ground and in ships working and being a bit more of a challenge. The FPS AI is actually more active in 3.4.2 but it needs a ton of work.