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Star Citizen Full Persistence

Welcome to some more Star Citizen covering one of the major pillars for the game Full Persistence, what is it in the context of SC and what does it allow.

In the context of Star Citizen Full Persistence is the ability to go anywhere in the game, place an object and for that object to be there when you come back potentially days later. It saves the states of objects, their precise location and importance & then with OCS/SM loads them in or out based on the needs of the Server and Client.

Why do I say Importance – Well some objects like scrap or something that can degrade or shrapnel or footprints for example will over time actually be removed/degrade, a ship that’s shot down on a planet might persist there for 2 weeks before degrading, this could even be based on probability volumes of NPCs in the area that might be simulated salvaging objects.
It’s Planned to come online as part of PU updates in 2019.
Full Persistence should also start to see things like Reputation, Mission Progression being saved along with the location of all your equipment, items, ships, armor, weapons.
Physical Inventories a Feature Planned for Alpha 3.6 currently is part of this.
This will have you only being able to carry what you have on you, so armour and weapons will have to be stored in lockers and put on when necessary.
Physicalized Components are also part of Full Persistence as the system will track any wear / tear to the system and subcomponent modifications.

Logout Safety – Full Persistence should allow for players to log back in where they logged out, BUT if you did not log out in a bed or safe area you & your vehicle may persist vulnerable in that area for some time.
It’s when they can start to add More Insurance Options for items & loadouts of ships.
So expect to be able to have individual items insurable and custom loadouts for ships saved as profiles.

Habs & Hangars – Custom Habs (Player Housing) & Hangars are dependant on Full Persistence. You’ll be able to bring items into your hangar or room and they will persist there, so it will be interesting to see what hoarders do. There should be a good amount of items to purchase furniture wise, some of which like coffee makers might allow you benefits like fulfilling your hunger and thirst. Expect storage options for various clothing, armor and items too.
Hangars and habs are also planned to be entirely physicalized, so you if you buy or rent an apartment or private hangar then it will have a physical address in game.
There will be public hangars and there will be short term / cheaper more motel sleeping areas too, like the tiny rooms on Port Olisar.

Outposts / Land Claims – Land Claim Gameplay was unfortueately delayed from 2018.
Largely because Full Persistence is needed to make it viable. You’ll be able to claim a section of a moon or planet in the Stanton Area and there will be some gameplay attached to that. Protecting it from other players, mining resources, maybe specific land claim type missions.
Eventually you’ll also be able to build there too, the Pioneer will be able to build & deploy outpost buildings that can be configured for a variety of purposes.
BUT there is also supposed to be ways to build or otherwise deploy defense turrets, mining apparatus, moisture extractors.

So many other mechanics are dependent on Full Persistence, the Economy, Farming, NPC Schedules, sharing of ships while offline
Full Persistence is a required component of Server Meshing, with Server Meshing’s eventual Completion (roughly expected to start being implemented in 2020) the plan is to have NO MORE RESETS in game meaning your progression would also be permanent.