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The Organization System

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, the Organization System is one of the Major Pillars core of Star Citizen that is currently being work toward, this will also incorporate various new Group Features that are on their way this year allowing players to share missions and profit as a group.

In practice this pillar is a set of tools and features for use in & out of game, literally for player planning & organization.

The ability to easily form and manage groups, assign Roles, Missions, Permissions.

Share Revenue, Share Ship, Items & Show your affiliation.


There are various Website Organization functions they want to bring online and build out which will then be brought in game as well.

Like managing the Org Structure and sub groups, having access to message and comms in and out of game. Pre-Arranging parties and groups so you can jump into the game together.

Chat/Spectrum & VOIP should be unified across the website (or app) and in game so you can freely chat between them.


In the Shorter Term some Group Features are being worked on some of which may come online by Alpha 3.6.

One of these features is the ability for players to share missions with party members.

When you have a party, the party leader will be able to see all mission that the party members currently have AND be able to select one for the group, this will come up as a popup on every member’s screen to accept or decline AND will replace their active tracked mission.

The Mission Owner still retains the ownership of the mission though, so he may have specific quest items or a location HE has to be HIMSELF to complete the mission.

However other parts of missions will be completable be any member allowing the progression of the group through the mission.

They’ve said If the mission owner leaves the group then the mission will leave with him.

They will be working on a way to prevent exploiting this, they don’t want players kicking party members just before they complete a mission to screw overs in a group.

They have talked about a Rating System for group members in the past as well where players can rate past experiences with players (like the SB Ratings), which could really help here too.

One of the things this allows for is for Players to share Outlaw missions with players that are Lawful and Vice Versa.


Organization Features will allow for more permanent groups and management of them.

You’ll be able to see Org Mates on the HUD, join their servers, it’s just very useful for people you’ll be playing with regularly to join an org or make your own.

Where as general groups will be dissolved when your done & logout, Orgs will not.


There are some Issues with Organization that they have yet to address.

Org Sizes seem to be unlimited in Star Citizen, this could cause some issues, maximum sizes imo are a good thing.

You could have it that mission rewards and trading rewards are taxed based on Org size to help mitigate this without hard capping Org Sizes.

As they build out more group and org functions they will then balance and tweak orgs further.

It looks like Some of the Organization Features at least are planned for 2019.

One of the side effects this will also allow for is having more missions of various difficulties, where you’ll need to read the mission and work out how many people and what ships are appropriate.


There  are a lot of other features coming for Orgs and Groups coming too. Also expect to see more abilities to set players or orgs as hostile by default, rate players based on your experience with them, various HUD & mobi improvements potentially allowing you turn group/org names on and off or to different colors and other QoL bits too.