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Star Citizen Weekly News – Salvage Delayed

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with the weekly news & updates on the project for the week ending the 20th of Jan 2019.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.2 is currently LIVE fixing among other things the weapon exploit issue, the next major patch is 3.5 coming at the end of March 2019. There is a possibility we could see a 3.4.3 patch before that addressing a few of the current bugs in the PU.

The 3.5 Roadmap has been entirely overhauled, with a host of new features BUT notably a delay to Salvaging. If you’d like to see the full changes I do have a video on that linked belowCIG Responded to Salvage moving off 3.5 and off the Roadmap:

“Hi there! I’ve noticed a handful of comments calling out confusion that Salvage was removed entirely, instead of simply moving to 3.6. This is because the team is currently still going through additional planning for our 2019 milestones. While it was clear that Salvage wouldn’t make 3.5, where it will land is still actively being discussed, and we plan on providing you all with an update as soon as we have one. This will likely be coupled with the larger update to the Roadmap that adds additional columns and information, coming in the very near future.”

Someone asked why they didn’t announce news like this earlier or on atv, again they responded:

“We absolutely agree, and I’m happy you called that out. To be entirely candid, we were just saying the same thing internally. We’ve actually done just this on several occasions (not just the OCS change), recognized the positive sentiment for doing so, and plan on doing it more often in the future. This was something that we considered doing for this week’s episode of Around the Verse too, but due to the on-going planning, the information dissemination didn’t quite make it in time for our ATV filming schedule.”

AtV Summary
Gravlev / Hover – The new flight model will also have a Hoverbikes hugging the ground more and acting a bit like a jetski in regard to friction, you won’t be able to fly around planets with these grav-lev vehicles they are locked to the surface (when in space tho they will still be able to fly), you can adjust height to a small extent with control and space, the higher you are the less “grip” you have , you can go lower to get even more grip BUT you are much more in danger of hitting obstacles.

Female Models – They are currently getting all of the animations for the female character finished for 3.5. Some are feminised versions of the male animations others morphed directly from the male animations but for the unique female skeleton and model.

ArcCorp Moons – They showed off the latest work on Wala & Lyria which are looking awesome too.

A new SC fan kit came out with various music, logos and backgrounds as well as clarification on what CIG will and will not allow.
You are not allowed to sell merch with CIGs logos on for example & fan projects should not be behind paywalls. I’ll link the fankit page down below.

The Sneak Peek appears to be looking at Sub Components / Items

Other Updates

  • Idris Updates – The M and P will be able to equip the same items/equipment
  • There are going to be Shipyards for Capital Ships where you can buy, change out items and service them.
  • There will be Insurance for items & equipment.
  • The Idris K Kit and Star Kitten Dragonfly will be retroactively given LTI.
  • They are looking to reduce Travel time down to Planets surfaces, they talked about it taking 3 mins rather than 10 to get to Lorville.
  • Crytek Case – Crytek decided to not amend it’s SAC against CIG, leaving any remaining case that Crytek had with CIG pretty damn weak at best after having the core of it dismissed. #NOTALAWYER.
  • There is going to be a BritizenCon in the UK again this year details to follow soon and we are I am pretty sure that CitizenCon will be UK based this year too.