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Alpha 3.4.3 LIVE & ArcCorp Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.3 is out and there has been some more information on ArcCorp, it’s moons, the Flight Model and a free ship for the weekend this is a summary of Around the Verse – Flight Advance, ArcCorp Glance.

Alpha 3.4.3 is LIVE the patch fixes Fixed 2 prominent client crashes.

There WAS NOT a Database Reset this time so you should still have your aUEC items, ships and balance too.

This is still some Major Known Issues with the Patch:

  • Ship AI can appear immobile and in a bad state.
  • VOIP is currently off by default and will need to be enabled on the Comms section of the mobiGlas by clicking the bell icon.
  • “Failed to decompress” errors may occur if there are issues during download. W/A: Be sure you are using the most up to date launcher.

There is a potentially a FreeFlight this weekend, all backers will get access to the Gladius Valiant on the RSI website it’s marked as “Australia Day Free Fly” but this could just be ambiguously labelled.

Flight Controls
CitizenCon allowed them to get a little more feedback on some of the new flight model and it’s controls.
A fundamental issue people had was with the HOTAS throttle control. It was unintuitive to push the throttle forward to apply full retro thrust, they just switched it around to the inverse.
They have reintroduced SpaceBrake.
DeCouple by default as well is HOLD V rather than toggle.

ArcCorp is getting more variety to it’s procedural generation tests with new buildings, shapes & blending of textures. A lot of the buildings are just white box placeholders but you get a sense of the juxtaposition in hieght of some of these smaller skyscrapers compared to these SUPER MASSIVE ones.

New Moons
The Moons of ArcCorp Wala & Lyria have been gone really smoothly in terms of development, their planetary generation and editor has got to a state to allow them all of the features they want when creating these. The Goal is to fill an entire universe with planets & Moons, these new assets that they created for Wala & Lyria will enable new planetary bodies to be created quicker and with more variety.

Wala took around 4 weeks, used various forms of procedural generation and repurposing of assets BUT contains some new bits, It has mineral and crystals around the planet that are extremely bright and gives some more texture to this quite flat grey moon.

Lyria has a bit more variety and took around 4 – 5 weeks it has mountain ranges, flatlands with dark volcanic rock, large frozen and icy areas, shallow frozen water & cryo gesyers jutting out like icy monoliths.

They Daymar Rally is on Sunday, this is a fan community race across Daymar… which I think I am participating in… more for comic relief than anything else.

There is going to be a Tumbril Cyclone make an advert competition coming this Friday too from the RSI website.

As well as a screenshot competition for the best and coolest flying formations in a Gladius Valiant.