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Star Citizen 3.4.3 JumpTown & WiDoW Guide

Welcome to some More Star Citizen with a Quick Jump Town and Widow Trading Guide. This will go through how to find Jump Town, why you’d want to & how to buy widow.

The Commodity Widow is Bought at Jumptown a “hidden” location on Yela.

Typically you can purchase it for around 14.5 aUEC and it sells for around 24 aUEC at Levski & GrimHex.

If you are looking to make profit in a single seater ship I suggest you do combat and mercenary missions instead, they are significantly less risk and will earn you money faster in my experience.

However once you move upto a Cutlass, Freelancer or Larger the amount of aUEC profit you can make is significant. Filling up a Cutlass Black will cost around 60-70k aUEC and sell for 110k+

Caterpillars cost 800k+ to fill but you’ll get over 1.3mill back when sold.

There is significant risk that comes from Server Crashes, Bugs & Other Players though.

How to Find Jump Town
I recommend Travelling to GrimHex and landing there to make it your Spawn Point. Even if you are selling at Levski especially if you are in a bigger ship as you could crash or a player/bug could kill you and you’ll want to get back as quick as possible.

  • Jump Town is located on Yela
  • From GrimHex QT to Yela.
  • QT to OM6 (which if you kept your orientation from the GH landing Pad will be on your right)
  • Orient yourself with the large stripe of white and the 3 small patches of white above the tip of it.
  • Jumptown is above the left tip of the most right white patch (or 3rd) patch at the dark patch (here).
  • You can literally just Afterburn there OR the much quicker method is to
  • Aim at JT and then QT to Ashton Ridge Aid Shelter which is on the opposite side of the planet, when you start jumping look up at Ashton Ridge once you you hit 600km away HOLD B to come out of Quantum.
  • JT is in a cater that is on the edge and part of the mountain/which is actually more of a plateau. The mountain it is part of is seperate from the other nearby outcrops.
  • Land nearby the outpost and enter, the console in the central room is where you buy the Widow.
  • If you are finding JT at night you can turn your Gamma up to 100% and follow the same steps, to me the mountain that Jumptown is by is more visible at night as a dark splodge.

Purchasing WiDoW
Globally You can only purchase 20 SCU (2000 units) of widow and this resets between every 60-105 seconds, though it looks more commonly every 90 seconds.
So if you have gone there with a group you will have to form a line as you buying widow means no-one else can for upto 105 seconds.
This also means that large ships are going to take 30+ mins to fill.

Where to Sell?

  • You can sell 600 units at a time at GrimHex (Admin Office on Left from Elevators).
  • But 1000 at a time at Levski on Delamar. (just left of the customs entrance next to the elevators)
  • I travel to Levski when I am using a Caterpillar for example BUT GrimHex with a Cutlass.
  • Again you can sell this amount every 60 – 105 seconds (most commonly 90)
  • Using Mouse Wheel you can precisely tweak the amount bought/sold when you are on trade consoles.

Some other tips

  • JT can be hostile, it’s a common PvP zone. When you land there clear the facility (check every door & room) AND/OR talk to people in chat to see if anyone is there, however that will notify people of your presence and intention.
  • Keep your shields and engine on.
  • Close doors behind you.
  • Don’t have your headlights on (especially at night) it makes you very obvious
  • Claiming your ship will Remove any cargo it had.
  • You can respawn it safely though or logout once it has landed at PO, Levski, Lorville or GrimHex. Technically logging out in a bed also works BUT Historically this can be buggy.
  • You can be quite civil at JT, and literally have players queing to use the trade console there, if this is the case, be British and queue DONT PUSH IN… unless you want to start a war then go ahead.
  • JT can be highly contested by Organizations and players RolePlaying.
  • If you want to annoy some Roleplayers fill your ship full of Waste and then bait them into killing you… the monsters just killed an innocent, this also works as a decoy if you have multiple ships with you in a group. Have 1 fill up on Widow the others with waste.