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February 2019 Channel Update

Welcome to a BoredGamer Channel Update for the Start of Feb, it’s Feb in some parts of the world already, this is largely going to talk about Star Citizen Content plans, some expectations for Feb 2019, Ship Giveaways & Lots of thanks to my ViPs.

January’s Star Citizen Carrack Winner was Tom Farkler. Congratulations, you have yourself a mighty explorer ship.

February’s 2019s Giveaway is slightly less glamorous and is for a Cutlass Black & Star Citizen Game Package. Just make sure you are subscribed to the Channel and comment on any of my SC videos coming out during Feb, I will include this one in that too.

I regularly post up polls and news in my YT Community section now, one of these was discussing what type of organized gameplay / events would you like to see and Ship Boarding overwhelming won the vote with over 1.2k votes.

I am going to look into organizing something like that for a video or stream and then if popular something more regular. The main sticking point for me if ease of access and low effort organization when it comes to this sort of thing. If I come up with rules or a gamemode it needs to be simple and easy to recover from everything going wrong and not stress inducing waiting. Something like 2 teams have a large ship as a base like a Reclaimer and Starfarer which the owners can’t move from the area it’s in, the goal is to capture their ship and bring it back to your base or starting, kinda of a capture the flag.

You’d could have it played between GrimHex and Olisar just out of the Armistice Zone, on the surface or in atmosphere of a planet, lots of possibility there.

I’ll think about and evolve the idea a bit before bringing it back to the table.


Star Citizen Expectations for Feb
I think we’ll see a Concept Sale – Mid Feb Maybe – It could be for anything though, lots of people are assuming it’s for the Drake Corsair – Which would be Drake’s version of the Connie.

There should be a Monthly Report coming out soon, we’ll go through that with a fine tooth comb.

Importantly we should have Roadmap Updates for 3.6 and beyond potentially by next Friday.

This Friday’s RtV should be a good one, with lots of 3.5 questions.


New Equipment
I’ve bought a proper Camera setup for event, with lens and portable tripods and microphones. The idea being I’ll be able to take pictures / record and physical hardware and peripherals I get in the future or want to show / review.

BUT also go to events like BritizenCon (which looks like it’s going to be on in April) & CitizenCon in October and use it to interview, chat to people, record some parts of the event.

Also Office Tours, if I get to go on any this year then that will be coming with me, even if it’s just to take a picture of the building, lobby and conference room (hopefully I’ll get to interview and record someone though).

I am waiting for a little keyboard and a screw for my new m.2 drive I found a good 1tb sx8200 drive but can’t find my motherboard m.2 screw for it. Once it’s here I’ll be grabbing a small SSD out of my Main PC and putting it in a File/Storage Server. Then I’ll be ordering all my gameplay footage in there. Could also use it for Video Rendering potentially too.

I’ve started a Subscribe Star page as an alternative to Patreon as a few people requested it.

Links for that is below. Everything for Patreons, Twitch Subs, Youtube Members & SubscribeStarers will be standardized at the appropriate levels, I just want them to allow for people to support the channel in ways that are most comfortable for them. I will refer to these people that go the extra mile to support the channel as VIPs.

With that in mind I would like to thank all of my BoredGamer VIPs who have allowed the Channel to grow and expand.

An extra Special thank you to

  • KaT Astrus Mega
  • Dalamars
  • Mantis
  • Ras
  • Jared
  • Aventador
  • Andy Green
  • Relapse
  • Mayumi
  • Mil
  • Nils
  • Andy Barker
  • Nathan
  • Spyhund
  • Kyrk
  • Stephen
  • ROG

You all chuck far too much money at me but it is extremely appreciated, I love you.

New Mods
I have some new mods too I’d like to thank them and all of my mods for helping me across my various platforms, they work for no reward really except my charming personality. Huntress especially, you are a legend among legends.
As always feedback is mega appreciated, you want me to look at a particular part of the game, talk about a ship, mechanic or have an or, app or service you think is cool then you can always leave a comment or message me on discord.