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Around the Verse – The Sound of Fury Summary

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with some news on AI in the new flight model, gunships, audio system improvements, animations and some ASL emotes. This is a summary of Around the Verse The Sound of Fury.

Around the Verse – The Sound of Fury
The Emergent Gameplay and organized events that players create and put on influence and give CIG ideas for Star Citizen.


AI & Flight Model – They’ve been getting Ship AI working for the new flight model

They’ve been getting all the current behaviors in to the new model, AI are flying a ship as if they were a player, so they need to move the ship and IFCS system responds to that in the same way, the AI has to work out where it wants to go and they have reworked the system that does that.

Code Side they had to get basics of go to here, defend this area, takeoff and land all converted over to their new IFCS v2 interface.

The other part of this is that Combat is now a lot more momentum driven so lots of tweaks and changes had to be reworked to get them flying how they wanted.


Gunships have also been given a “makeover” for 3.5

Gunships are loosely defined as ships where most of their damage comes from turrets and they are heavier than a fighter, like a Constellation.

They want them to have their own playstyle when compared to fighters.

Currently they want that to sort of be circling targets at around 400m or medium distance

This gives them the ability to bring their weapons to bear & hit reliably, gives them some maneuvering room, helps to keep ships off their tails soo much.

Sometimes they will do front facing assault runs that can bring their fixed weapons & missiles to bear too.

Gunships are planned to be a lot more dangerous than before and require some more thinking to attack.

When fighting a gunship you want to get into their blind spots to avoid turrets, when fighting a fighter you want to stay on it’s tail (this might be a different story when chasing a Hurricane).


They want fighters to be fun to shoot at, they are focused on behaviors for this after they have attempted an attack run, this may give the player more opportunity to chase them and get on their tail, chasing them will become progressively harder the longer you are on their tail, if you hit them, then they will become much more aggressive in trying to shake you off.

Fighters are going to be a lot more agile and momentum driven and play to their strengths.


The entire Audio System for the new Flight Model is being overhauled too to take advantage of their current features and their engine. Lots of feedback on what you ship is doing & what is happening around you. You’ll have much better contextual sound and sounds should be coming positionally from correct sources, each of the thrusters on your ship should be clearly individually heard in detail. You’ll hear your ship settling in when in or after maneuverings or getting up to speed. They have moved away from looping sounds too.

There are vibration points on your ship that will react dynamically to damage & the environment.

The new audio systems allow them to setup ship audio incredibly quickly & allow them to make much more detail work.


Animation Updates – 2019 is focusing on polishing animations so they are AAA quality and actually ready & shippable.

They want to eliminate glitches, they have dedicate devs working on making the pickup and place animations work well for example.

They want the player to be able to free move around terrain, jump over obstacles.

They have different animations for vaulting based on you characters current speed and movement.

Ship Sequencing is incredibly important, getting the smoothness of a ship opening up and the pilot getting into the seat, without any issues or snapping.

Also they have been engaging with the community to work on various emotes for ASL, which will be good at a glance for hearing impaired players BUT also generally just useful if you want to be quiet while communicating info. They will also be adding facial animations for emotes in the future too.