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Argo SRV Concept Sale Ship Buyers Guide

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with an ARGO SRV Concept Sale Ship Buyers Guide.
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Primer Lore
When it comes to getting the job done, ARGO doesn’t mess around. From simple freight and cargo towing to harrowing search-and-rescue operations, the SRV handles whatever you can throw at it. The bespoke tractor system utilizes an innovative plate and arm combination, allowing for effortless solo use as well as precision team towing for bigger jobs. Your crew and passengers stay safe too thanks to durable shields and heavy-duty armor that keep the cockpit and components secure when the situation gets hairy.

Designed as a dedicated tugship, the SRV features a custom MaxTraction tractor plate and integrated ArmAssist system. This innovative configuration, coupled with the rugged reliability of Argo engineering, makes the SRV one of the most effective traction vehicles available on the civilian market.

The SRV embodies ARGO’s no-nonsense approach to ship design, putting pure function above all else to define the modern single-pilot search and recovery vehicle.

Vital Stats
The ship is fully operable and intended for a single pilot,

It’s main role is a search & recovery vehicle hence SRV.

It focuses on Tractor Beam Gameplay and is suited to any task that makes use of these.

The ship is  28.5m Long x 19.5m Wide x 8.7m High

This is a similar length and height to the Cutlass but not as wide.

It’s quite a small ship with a list SCM speed of 200 m/s

Cargo Capacity 10 SCU

The ship has a small radar, 2 small computers and 2 small intakes and a single Medium Component for everything else.

The Medium Components are pretty big for it’s size, the shield allows it to be very tanky when combined with it’s ultra durable armor.
The Powerplanet is powerful enough to be able to run it’s hungry Tractor Beams and power the ships systems.

The Ship has a Cabin with room for around 4 passengers including seating and facilities, a bathroom, table.

It has a purpose built powerful versatile and agile tractor rig, which is listed as a S3 utility item.

Sale Info
The ARGO SRV is available for $130 Warbond (meaning without using store credit and comes with LTI) or $150 if you are using store credit, $150 is it’s value if you wish to upgrade to it as well.

The Loaner for the ship is the Prospector.

The SRV will be available in the pledge store until March 4, 2019.

Tractor Tech
The SRV features a custom-designed and fully-integrated tractor rig. ARGO’s MaxTraction Bullock tractor plate (with hydraulic boom and gimbal mount) delivers unprecedented power, while the bespoke ArmAssist rig effortlessly accommodates even the most awkward loads with peerless control and precision.

This innovative combination allows for both effective solo work and precision team towing for bigger jobs, making the SRV the most flexible support ship on the civilian market.

A Single SRV is planned to be able to tow potentially upto a Constellation sized ship (based on it’s cargo load) this is also supported by the passengers it can support. You can rescue a connie and it’s crew.

Multiple SRVs can work together to move a ship faster or larger ships.

You will be able to enter Quantum Travel while towing ships or objects.

You will also be able to take multiple small vehicles and clump them together.

The Tractor rig can retract, expand and pivot.

You CAN use it to aid in other gameplay loops like mining and salvage too.
The ship can pull cargo & other items with it’s tractor beams too.

The tractor beams (on the tow arms) have a lot of movement to be versatile in manipulating objects, there shouldn’t be much in the way of faffing around getting the right angle to grab an object.

It is perfectly capable of hauling cargo it carries in it’s tractor beam.

Other info
The Argo is the Tugboat that the Crucible was originally supposed to be before it evloved into a Repair ship. It focuses on tractor beam gameplay, recovering vehicles and moving things.

Other ships do have tractor beams BUT this SRV is dedicated to their use.

There will be Service Beacons to come tow or recover players AND NPC Missions that make use of the SRVs services so there is always something to do.

But I see these being used extensively to support all sorts of operations, from salvage, mining, piracy, cargo hauling, vehicle transport (maybe to planets)… maybe we can bring Nova Tank to ground with one…

I think these will be incredibly widely used in the verse once we have the supporting tractor tech.

There is currently no word on when the Argo SRV will be flyable and it does not appear on the Roadmap.