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Ship Loaner Matrix Update – Pre 3.5 Alpha

The Loaner Matrix has been updated.
If you have a ship or vehicle that you have bought that is not flyable yet then you’ll have some form of temporary loaner until your purchase is “Flight Ready”.
Due to the current restrictions in Arena Commander, certain ships may have a secondary loaner to allow them to play in all game modes i.e. the Freelancer MAX gets a Freelancer for PU and a Hornet for AC.
Also some ships are meant to come with vehicles that are not ready yet EVEN if the main vehicle is flyable, you’ll get a loaner vehicle.
If you have multiple ships that give the same loaner ship then you should only receive 1 for that type they DO NOT STACK.
The loaner list will receive updates with every concept ship sale and every time a new ship comes out with a major Patch, so it’s expected to receive another update at the end of March with 3.5 LIVE and the Release of the Rework with the 300 series, Reliant Variants & Banu Defender.


  • 100 Series – 300i
  • 600i Explorer – Cyclone
  • Apollo, Constellation Taurus, Crucible, Genesis Starliner  – Constellation Andromeda
  • Caterpillar – Buccaneer
  • Cutlass Variants – Cutlass Black
  • Cyclone Variants, Dragonfly, Nox – Aurora MR
  • Defender, San’Tok.yai  – Khartu-al (Xi’an Scout)
  • Hercules Starlifter – Starfarer Gemini
  • Vulcan, Hull A & B – Freelancer
  • Endeavor, Merchantman, Hull C – Starfarer
  • Hull D, E – Reclaimer
  • Lynx Rover, Nova – URSA Rover
  • P-72 Archimedes – P-52 Merlin
  • Pioneer – Caterpillar
  • Polaris – Hammerhead
  • Prowler – Valkyrie
  • Redeemer – Vanguard Hoplite
  • Reliant Variants – Reliant Kore
  • Retaliator – Gladiator
  • SRV, Orion – Prospector
  • Terrapin, Valkyrie, Hurricane, Heartseeker – F7C-M Super Hornet
  • Vanguard Harbinger & Sentinel – Vanguard Warden

Some Ships get you a range of ships to use these are there

  • Vulture – Prospector, Buccaneer
  • X1 & Variants – Aurora MR, Nox
  • Kraken – Hammerhead & Buccaneer
  • Idris-M & P – Hammerhead, MPUV Passenger
  • Javelin – Hammerhead, MPUV Cargo
  • Carrack – Constellation Aquila, URSA Rover
  • 890 Jump – 600i Explorer, 325a, 85x
  • Mercury – Freelancer, Herald