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Star Citizen Development Now Branched to 3.5.0

Welcome to the Star Citizen Weekly News, looking at a summary and highlights of the weeks goings on with 3.5 branched out, Roadmap & Project Updates, Pathfinding and Tractor Beam info from Around The Verse & Reverse The Verse all for the week ending the 24th February 2019.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.3 is the Current Live build, with 3.5 LIVE coming at the end of March.  Star Citizen has NOW raised over $218 million in crowd funding and has over 2,250,000 Star Citizen Accounts.

Newsletter – Community Chest
In this weeks RSI newsletter they said:
“Development has branched to Alpha 3.5.0, readying for the impending quarterly release. Stay tuned as we prep for Evocati test flight and beyond.”

This means that the content for 3.5 has now been effectively chosen and locked in and broken away from the Dev Branch. This will have any dev that is working on associated features for 3.5 now working exclusively on this build, iron out bugs and getting it all working.

Though the Dev Branch will still see work if it’s something unrelated to 3.5 or is for Squadron 42.

Once 3.5 is finished & LIVE they will subsume it back into the Dev Branch so that it’s updates and iterations that were made since it’s branching are brought back into the fold.

This will then eventually see 3.6 branching off for the same cycle in June.


Roadmap Update
With the Persistent Universe nothing has slipped from the Roadmap there has been a lot of work completed on ArcCorp, Area18, Vehicle Tech Updates & Distortion Damage Improvements for the Alpha 3.5 build.

3.6 has seen work start on Harvestable Entity Spawning.

We could see an Evocati Build for 3.5 as early as next week, this is likely to focus on the new flight model.

Squadron 42
For the SQ42 Roadmap FPS Realistic Firing v2 has been moved from Q1 to Q2.

Other than that a small amount of progress has been made on various tasks, nothing really notable.

There was also a Sneak Peek of what I believe is a S1 MK1 Tarantula Ship Ballistic Cannon from Gallenson Tactical Systems.

AtV – Pathfinder
In AtV they talked about the work they’ve been doing for various 3.5 Alpha Improvements starting with NPC Path Finding.

There new system is much more robust and allows NPCs to avoid each other and players more sensibly and look great animation wise.

There is some NetCode improvements with them dealing with Stalls and Asset Loading from OCS as well as Server & Client Crashes.

Lyria has had work done with it’s VFX and Cryo-Geysers, they are this awesome mix of steam, ice and snow.

Thruster Damage Effects have been dialed in and are looking great now too, the more damage your thruster takes the more it will visibly struggle, spew smoke and misfire.


RtV – Tractor Beams & SRVs
Tractor Beams and the SRV were the focuses of this weeks RtV.

Tractor Beams come in various sizes, the SRV having an extremely powerful one much better suited for lifting ships and objects with more mass.

You’ll be able to move Cargo, Ships, some asteroids, items and vehicles with a Tractor Beam as well as aide ships getting out of atmosphere or ones that are limping home.

Shields will largely mitigate the effects of a tractor beam as will ships attempting to move out of the beam, a ship has to be willing or immobilized for best results.

You can use beams in Atmosphere, the beam has push, pull & manipulate mechanics.

Enough SRVs should be able to move and “rescue” Capital Ships.


Other have their last few days of their IndieGoGo Campaign left.

They plan to have a highly supported in depth APP that converts touch screen devices into control devices for Star Citizen and some other games too.

There is going to be both free and sub versions.

I like what they have shown so far and will at the very least be interested in the free version!

The Loaner Matrix has been updated as well.