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ArcCorp Spaceport & AtV Summary

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with News on Alpha 3.5, ArcCorp Spaceport, Transit System, Turret Updates, Gimbal Assist & Updates to the MISC Reliant Tana, Mako & Sen… this is a summary ofAround the Verse – Spaceport Passport from the 28th February 2019.

They confirmed they are working on an Evocati 3.5 patch focusing on the flight model which should be on the ETF servers ASAP.

ArcCorp Spaceport
The Planets Primary Spaceport is located on the outskirts of Area18.

They looked at what worked and didn’t work with Tesa-Spaceport at Lorville.

Area 18 is detached from the Spaceport though, this helps with performance & provides an interesting transit route.

The Spaceport will be the main way you enter and leave Area 18.

IT has a variety of different sized landing pads & hangars for small to extra large ships.

There are pads for AI ship as well as player hangars, the area will fell very busy with lots of traffic.

Traffic will have various representations on ArcCorp, from background vehicles that are 100s of meters away that can be represented as a moving texture. But you’ll also have lots of physicalized ships coming into land and moving around.

The Transit system on ArcCorp at least between the Spaceport and Area 18 is a shuttle bus rather than a Train. This actually helps populate the roads on the planet making it feel more alive. This will also have players weaving around buildings and across the landscape in a cool way, you’ll get a big cross-section of ArcCorp Life from a bus journey.

In a similar way to the train stations & Spaceport on Lorville theres security/customs and a place to spawn your ships.

They are going for a more commercial vibe for the port.

The skyline is supposed to mimic a sprawling metropolis.

They have made some changes to direct input player aiming for ships.
Turrets now have pitch and yaw angles shown on their HUD, you’ll be able to on the fly change the sensitivity of the turret too allowing for a better precision of movement when needed.

Gimbal Assist is a new feature they will be trying.
When you target an enemy your gimballed mounts will try and aim at them within the angular range of the gimbal assist.

Independent of where you are moving your cursor to fly.

This is in addition to the normal gimbal modes and fixed modes.

Gimbals can typically aim beyond where gimbal assist will function, so bare that in mind.

This mode is for players that want to concentrate more on flying, though I suspect we will see certain ships use this much more than others.

Alpha 3.5 will see the Variants of the MISC Relaint in game.
The Reliant KORE can carry 6 scu of cargo up from 4.

With the Variants they have the  argo bay replaced with an interior cabin for 2 bunkbeds & bathroom on the port of the ship.

There are various differences with the starboard side.

With the MAKO has an avionics unit as well as a news/surveillance station.

The MAKO has an exterior remote camera to capture footage, this gameplay is still being planned and isn’t yet on the Roadmap.

The TANA still has room for 1 SCU of cargo but is more focused for combat.

Armory area with locker (3 rifles) and armor rack.

The ship also has a dual weapon mount on its bottom mount & a single on the top, there will be dual weapon mount options for both and apparently the KORE will also be able to make use of them.

The SEN has a science station. Science Gameplay is still being planned out.

Microscope, vacuum chamber, workstation.

The Sen also has exterior sensor arrays.