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Sneak Peek Planet microTech

Welcome to some more Star Citizen today taking a quick early look at Planet microTech What We Know, it’s biomes, tech, Landing Zone, Additions and Lore.
The First Implementation of the microTech Gameplay Area is planned to be coming with Alpha 3.8 which is LIVE December 2019. This includes a Planet, Landing Zone, Various Biomes, Mission Giver, 3 Moons and associated features.

The Planet
Stanton 4 (IV) otherwise known as Planet microTech, is home to the microTech Corporation, it is a large and generally cold planet, the planet will have ice, snow type biomes but we have also seen Nordic Forests & some areas of wild fields, tundra, seas /w ice bergs, polar like areas & highland type areas. Form what we see it looks incredibly like the more green areas are very similar grasslands biome from Rust when it comes to palette and plant choice IMO.

The temperature is the result of an error during the UEE terraforming process, which lead to unusually dense cloud production.

Space on the world is leased to smaller companies, including some of microTech’s competitors, which solidified the planet’s reputation as the place for cutting edge tech research and development. Buyouts among successful Stanton IV-based startups are common.

Landing Zone
New Babbage is the Landing Zone on microTech it is major social and economic trading hub & is the home of microTech‘s flagship store.

The landing zone is also a haven for small tech companies. The landing zone is supposed to be enclosed to protect the inhabitants against the freezing elements of the planet

The initial implementation may contain various limited traversable districts.

Visitors are advised to seek work and cargo news at Wally’s Bar, which sounds like it may be the place where there is a new Mission Giver for the area Eddie Par, he wears the facade of a chatty bartender, but really he is pulling strings in numerous legal and illegal ventures.

From the concepts we can see that glass, rounded corridors and a surprizing amount of greenery/plant life is planned to be used for New Babbage, it’s going to have a very clean almost medical feel

The Company – microTech produces electronics, including handheld sensors and computer software upgrades for starships. They’re most notably known for the mobiGlas.

And the Ship insurance company ProtLife are a subsidiary of microTech.

microTech produces mobiGlas here, a now-standard piece of digital assistive technology used by nearly everyone in the Empire. Although mobiGlas has become their ubiquitous product, microTech manufactures a wide variety of electronics, including those found in ship systems. This world is a good place to start looking for advanced sensor technologies which could provide an edge while dogfighting. Potentially we could see different variants of the mobiGlas sold here, items for detection, surveying

If Insurance for items / ships requires you to get it from a physical location then ProtLife on microTech is likely to be one of the places in the Verse you do this. We don’t really know how insurance will work in the future tho. I am at least expecting missions with an insurance and investigation theme.

But Expect to also see a big range of gear from lots of manufacturers with a focus on more high-tech equipment that potentially cost a premium.

Tech wise the Planet & City need new architecture for the look of the planet, domes are probably one of the biggest additions to their building set assets here, they haven’t really built giant enclosed domes over a city before and they sound like they are in effect giant greenhouses/biodomes. From the Concept art of the City we are likely to have some domed buildings that will be for show, juxtaposed with tall spires and skyscrapers that are connected by pipes, very high tech architecture. For Transit around microTech I am expecting a Train/Tram like Hurston & Lorville, more subway like as it will be enclosed, though I’d expect to see glass roofs on some of the tunnel systems.

As it’s areas are going to be enclosed also expect that any no fly zone for the area to be reasonably minimal with the physical domes protecting the players and NPCs rather than needing to rely on no fly zones as much to prevent players from ramming the city below.

The Planet will have various Outposts, Mineables & Missions to populate the area.

It looks like the planet has a breathable atmosphere BUT there is the possibility that the coldness may sap your stamina or require some form of protection while on the exposed surface.

As the planet is in Stanton and Privately Owned it falls under UEE Law BUT will have it’s own private security forces that act as police.

microTech has 3 moons all named after ancient Greek Muses.

4a – Calliope
Named after a muse who inspires eloquence to supposedly remind those gazing upon the moon from microTech to ‘strive for pure expression of thought.’

4b – Clio
Named after the muse of history to supposedly remind those gazing upon the moon from microTech to remember that ‘their work stands on those who came before them.’

4c – Euterpe
Named after the muse of music to supposedly remind those gazing upon the moon from microTech to be ‘guided by the natural rhythm of the universe in their designs.’

Again all of these moons will be hooked up with the procedural structures, mineables and missions to fill them out with content for Alpha 3.8.