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Star Citizen Community Matters

Welcome to some more Star Citizen Community Matters, today I just wanted to talk about some few minor things. F42 Rebranding, Star Citizen Official Tutorials and a couple of dev responses on Spectrum.
The idea of community matters is to take a look at some other parts of the star citizen community & game that I don’t cover in news, guide, theorycraft, FAQs and my standard content.

The ARGO SRV Promotion & Concept Sale will now conclude at 11:59 PM Pacific on March 11. So if you are after that ship you have a few more days to decide to get it. That said I suspect they will be pretty easy to get in the Verse.

Fenrir on Spectrum asked – Has the Lier 3 planet received any further work since the Homestead demo in 2016?
This garnered the response from CIs – Divi

“as far as the planet team is concerned nobody has spent any time on it in the past 2 years, so unless someone has been secretly working on it somewhere else, there is nothing to show until we start work on the leir system as a whole.”

We kind of knew they are working on Squadron 42 Planets and Assets as well as the Stanton Systems. Each of the planets, assets, buildings, biomes, modules or textures they build out though can be used elsewhere in the Verse to flesh it out, so in that sense Lier 3 would of made progress.

Foundry 42 Ltd Rebranded to Cloud Imperium Games Ltd

This seems to be in an effort to bring the names of all the studios in line with the Cloud Imperium Banner. The Statement from CI said

“Today we filed with UK Companies House to rename Foundry 42 Limited to Cloud Imperium Games Limited. This re-brand reflects Cloud Imperium’s unified, global approach to the creation of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. With development spread across five studios, spanning multiple countries, and with more than 500 employees, we’re heading full-bore towards the release of Squadron 42 while continuing quarterly releases for Star Citizen, together under one banner.” 

All of our five development studios in the US, UK and Germany will now operate under our “Cloud Imperium” banner. We’re creating Star Citizen (a record-shattering, hyper-real space sim) and Squadron 42 (a Hollywood-caliber, story-driven epic set in the same universe). Both games operate in open development, which means we share our progress and update our backers in near real-time. So, it makes sense that all these updates come from the same united company.”

Some people are speculating that this is also part of their $46 million investment for 10% of the company, and it could even be because they eventually want to create their own films or eventually license their own engine / tech under the Cloud Imperium Brand, to me it looks more likely just to be housekeeping and strengthening/unifying their brand for less confusion.

Star Citizen Tutorials
A set of 7 video Tutorials have just been released on the Official Star Citizen Youtube (These Tutorials Cover Enlisting, Basic Movement, The Basics of the PU, QT & Combat in both Space and FPS) there was a Statement from Community Manager Tyler Witkin

“Hi everyone, These tutorials were specifically crafted for immediate use with the current patch (3.4.3). These tutorials are aimed at updating the existing tutorials that have lived on our How To page here.
Our plan is to continuously update our tutorials so they remain relevant and helpful. We’ve had a influx of new players of late so will be giving them as much outside of the game support as possible while we work to provide more in-game information.”

I personally had a bit of a rant about how they were spending Subscriber Money the other day, they look to be getting over $3 million each year at the moment (that as I understand it is supposed to be) specifically for Subscriber Perks, Videos Content, Streams & More Community Oriented Content.

I assume partly that this video series was funded by that BUT my issue with them doing tutorials is that they need to keep them up to date when a new patch releases, they will have parts changing all the time and releasing a Tutorial series for Alpha 3.4.3 when 3.5 is in evocati and going LIVE at the end of the month seems a bit too slow of a pace. That said if they can do it and just get a single employee or so to do that, then that might not be an awful idea, some of the topics and tutorials can be future proofed as well OR may just be relevant for a long period of time like how to sign up / enlist.

I just think I am worried that they are wasting time on making these and doing it too slowly to make them useful at this stage.

I do want an in game tutorial again eventually, once the game is in a stable place (this is likely going to be when Squadron 42 is near completion)

For some aspects of the PU though video tutorial or learning by experimenting & during missions might be the only real way of doing them.

However the biggest resource that Star Citizen has is it’s community & there are a lot of tutorials some of which I create which fill this gap and explain everything that a backer needs to know, or at least there is that available from searching on youtube for various creators.

These might not be the most professional setups BUT they are informative, relevant, useful and popular.

CI might prove me wrong though by having high quality tutorials from day 1 of a release I just doubt it.

And the best way to learn how to make tutorials is to make them (and watch other tutorials I suppose).