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Star Citizen – Caves, 3.5 Weapons & “Twitch”

Welcome to some more Star Citizen looking at the new mission giver Twitch & FPS Weapons in 3.5 as well as a look at R&D on Cave Systems and Generation which has me quite excited!
This is a Summary of Around the Verse – Depth of Character | 3.4 Ep. 9

“Twitch” Pacheco ArcCorp 3.5 Mission Giver
She is a former operative in blackjack security (the private police of ArcCorp)

She got into an accident that gave her nerve damage and looks like she has augmented eyes and a bionic right arm.

She was let go by black jack because of that and she harbers a grudge against them.

She’s a bit of a bad-ass, a bit angry & inspired by blade runner.

Her hair is a totally different use of their hair tech with braids. (tho the hair might not be in 3.5, Pa-Che-hake-Oh will be)

They do refer to her as a bad guy, she works with criminals and outlaws BUT I think she is just misunderstood XD

They actually filmed her mocap & voice lines in 2016.

They recently did some character pickups and voice lines for Squadron 42.

New Weapons in 3.5
They’ve been working on the Gemini S71 Assault Rifle.

The first weapon aside from the Sniper Rifles that has a scope as standard, so it’s going to be high precision & quite long range. The default fire mode is single fire as well but it doesn’t have full auto but it does have a bust fire which looks to fire 5 bullets at a time if the decals on the gun are an indicator.

Weapons have appropriate realistic VFX where appropriate on the S71 for example smoke & light come from the holes in the muzzle break.

The Kastak Arms Coda is the 3rd pistol they are putting out into the game.

It’s a high damage 6 shooter, with a big recoil.

It’s a punchy hand cannon and ejects shell casing that are expended.

These weapons are now finished and ready for 3.5.

R&D on Persistent Caves
Cave R&D is very early on in it’s process but they showed off some cool bits.

Caves could be sink holes that you could land a ship in OR small little crevaces OR large networks of caves, you won’t know unless you explore them.

There current R&D doesn’t require any new tech, they use the precedural room tech from stations and truck stops, just applied in a different way.

They built out shapes and assets for the caves, this includes climbables, mineables, interest geometry. At the moment this gives you very clear paths and ways of traversing in the caves.

Areas of the caves are mapped out & reserved for placement of assets and set dressing as well as areas that must be kept clear so players can traverse through them.

This could lead to a single or multiple paths.

A bit of an insight to have the use procedural gen like this at the moment is that they generate a large amount of caves, say 1000 then pick the ones they like for a give planet to use. This means you are going to have a good amount of variety and not much in the way of repetition.

These caves may have you climbing, crawling or even swimming through certain areas if you wish to explore them.

I am expecting to see lots of little nooks and caves in terrain in the future used for missions or POI. It will be interesting to see if players can claim caves or their entrances as part of land claims, will you be able to build in them? There looks like there are plans for mineables in them or at least it’s something they have considered. Caves are yet


The Banu Defender has moved from 3.5 to 3.6 as they are still nailing down the implementation of the Banu’s Organic design.

Reverse the Verse this week is going to be on a Game Dev Special where they will be building a piece of armor live with LIVE community guidance.
That’s Friday 8th March at 12pm Pacific Time on