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The Origin 890 Jump – What We Know

Welcome some more Star Citizen today taking an early look at the 890 Jump, it’s concept, evolution and what we know about the ship.

I’d like to thank Jorunn for putting together a comprehensive compendium of images and videos on the 890 Jump on Spectrum to & Homer Morrison who had notes & images about the ship that I was unaware of too, Links for those source posts down below.

The 890 Jump is a Luxury Mega Yacht from Origin Jump Works.

The Ship is pegged as being flyable in Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 which goes LIVE at the end of June.

I wanted to first talk about it’s original concept and how that’s evolved

The Origin 890 Jump is an interstellar super-yacht designed for taking passengers on a luxurious space cruise to different planets and systems. Apart from transportation, 890 Jump is also used for high-security trading to organization leadership to command and control. Its very presence signifies power: used as a personnel transport, the 890 Jump is the prized possession of CEOs, politicians, holo stars and the like.

The Original Features have evolved a bit, so the names of the items and balance might of changed, rooms and facilities again might not be there from the original BUT I’ll go over what was said though.

Every feature in the 890 jump is designed for the luxury and comfort of both the paying passengers and the crew that serves them. These features include:

Armor – The 890 Jump features a triple-layered graphene enameled hull to strengthen the protection of the ship, also keeping the appearance of the hull as new as possible.

Engines – The 890 Jump is a fast ship equipped with the Stamina V engines, which is designed cooperatively by ORIGIN’s universe-class racing team and Alliance Startech.

85X touring ship – At least 1 85X Runabout is included in the hangar of 890 Jump (though this might be 2 now).

Communication array – The 890 features a robust communication array from Pythia. It is encrypted with Octa-key security and provides lossless intra-system data transfer.

Exterior hatches – The exterior hatches are capable of being opened remotely or through the external access panel, the reinforced tri-bonded metholium plating offers exceptional protection against unwanted entry.

Escape pods – Each pod comes outfitted with QAD beacon technology and enough supplies to live comfortably for several days.

Two bridges – A comfortable captain’s bridge with a wide, impressive view, it also includes 3 exquisitely crafted operator seats from Atlas. The ship also features a battle bridge in case of enemy encounter, either one of which allows a single pilot to control shipboard operations.

Spa facilities – A fully equipped spa designed by Aphod AquaWorks to provide comfort and tranquility.

Luxurious interior – The interior features plush seating encompassed by large salon windows provide a panoramic view of the ship’s surroundings while the entertainment center brings the latest Spectrum offerings with incomparable clarity.

Guest rooms – Each guest room includes an island berth that features an oversized imperial gelcore mattress along with two berth end tables. It is constructed from a specially selected stock of galung wood, which is known for its natural luster.

Changes & What we Know
We know the 890 Jump has got bigger, originally 70m, then growing to 123m, the Ship is confirmed to be just under 200m long now. Unlike with the Carrack, this size increase seems to have stuck. The ship is also acknowledged as being a Capital ship. It is Expected to have a range of both Large and Capital Sized Components. Currently this is 2x Capital Shields, 2x Capital Power Plants, 2x Capital Coolers, 1x Capital Fuel Tank with 2 Medium Computers and the Rest of it’s components being large.

Speed & Engines
The 890 will be slower than a Polaris.

It should be reasonably agile for it’s size with 30 fixed maneuvering thrusters though. When it comes to it’s atmospheric performance, it is largely going to depend on the atmosphere, gravity and mass that you are dealing with.

It’s also listed with 6 main thrusters and 2 retro thrusters, it’s an Origin Ship so expect all it’s thrusters to be of a good quality and suitability by default.

Hangar & Cargo
The Ship is supposed to now come with 2x 85x Runabout Shuttles (though this seemed a little less certain more recently, it could come with just 1), But it should be able to fit 2 in it’s hangar bay, which could fit similar sized ships or 1 Origin 300 sized ship by current estimations.

The cargo and vehicle storage appears to be in the lower rear of the ship. The hangar in the front section that should be top loaded with room for two 85x sized or one 300 series sized ship.

The cargo capacity is going to be around a few hundred rather than the listed 1600 as that was the old system. I would expect upto 400 SCU.

Weaponry on the ship is a concern for a lot of it’s owners, they don’t want the ship to be at the mercy of pirates and effectively be a juicy free loot box for them.

It was confirmed that the 890 will focus on being defensive rather than being heavily armed

When it comes to the rest of it’s weapons, we are not sure how it’s going to of changed and be balanced especially since the new flight model is in 3.5 and should evolve somewhat and balance for combat by 3.6.

It’s currently Listed with

2 Turrets with Dual Size 4 Weapons

2 Turrets with Dual Size 3 Weapons

It’s also listed as having 2 size 6 missile mounts with 16 S3 Missile between them.

We know that 2 of turrets are retractable at the Front Top and Bottom of the ship, it’s possible that the rest of the ships turrets are concealed in a similar manner. It’s expected that all the turrets will be remote.

In addition to it’s other armaments it was confirmed that the ship has 2 Auto Turrets otherwise known as the Point defense system which originally read as “The Kodiak AC Point Defense System offers cutting edge rapid tracking capabilities and multi-point targeting to provide maximum security against missiles and torpedoes.”

Now these are going to be turrets with AI Blades Pre-Installed

We don’t know the details of exactly how auto turrets and AI Blades will work however it’s expected that they will function as very simple firing solutions for dealing with torpedoes, missiles & potentially bombers, fighters & other targets.

As the 890 Jump is now massive, really it needs a suitable amount of weaponry & defenses to protect it to a degree. Capital Shields & Power, Auto-Turrets and the potential to have some more defensive Snubs in it’s bay will help mitigate threats. However it does need a reasonable amount of standard weaponry so I feel it’s turret sizes and weapons mounted on them are likely to change & increase in size. It will come down to future balance as well, the ship isn’t supposed to be a ship of war BUT as it has a battle bridge and likely suitable for command and control it is going to at least be viable to use in some situations, just not slogging it out with a Polaris or Idris.

Battle Bridge
The Ship has 2 Bridges with the common one on allowing for amazing views of space the other the Battle Bridge which will be somewhere in the “core” of the ship allowing you to run the ship in more dangerous scenarios with a bit more safety, we are not sure of the exact setup and functionality of the BattleBridge yet tho.

Room & Facilities
There are Master Suite Bedrooms as well as 4 Huge VIP Guest Suites that have huge aquarium walls and various other luxuries, ensuite toilets, lounge/relaxation areas.

These appear to be split 2 each between the Atrium Deck and Deck above.

A Small Medbay, though we don’t know what Tier of Injury it will be able to deal with.

Engineering areas in the back of the ship

A large Elevator

A Spa area that has sauna rooms & a 25 meter swimming pool. A hot tub with a glass bottom over the rocks and plants. These should have retractable lids.

They were working on tech for water in zero gravity, for things like, what happens if you are in your pool and the gravity goes offline.

Although the ship appears to be focused at carrying a few VIPs we don’t have confirmation on the exact number of passengers that they ship can carry. This will be useful for Service Beacon Missions, Carrying Players that want to move around in style. There was some controversy about exactly what Missions ships like the 600i and 890j would be suitable for. The expectation is that there will be VIP delivery or tour missions. Potentially VIP versions of the Genesis Starliners Mechanics. This is all speculation at this point though.

The ships is expected to be a capable multi-role & base ship for players to run missions and ops out of. A lot of Orgs using it as their command ship (as it has command and control ability) OR a place to coordinate, sign treaties & socialize.

I am sure some people will have these as status symbols BUT I think a lot of players will be using them for exploration it’s a ship that has capital sized components, room for cargo and facilities like the medical bay should make it very good for that and with it’s clear focus on luxury and ways to observarse space, you’ll be doing that in style.

Again when it comes to how many people is this ship suitable for, with it’s size increase it’s likely to be more than it’s listed 3 – 5 crew.

Sale Details
The ship originally went on sale for $600 BUT the last time the ship went of sale it was available for $890. It’s likely to go on sale again once 3.6 goes LIVE for a limited time though it’s unknown whether the ship will have had a further price increase. Eventually the ship will be available to purchase in game.