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Star Citizen Sneak Peek | Planet Crusader & Orison

Welcome to some more Star Citizen looking at Crusader and it’s landing zone Orison, Gas Giants and what we can expect to see in the future and use some of the Lore and plans as a guide.

Crusader actually exists in the Stanton System in Star Citizen’s PU Now… well sort of.

The Area of Space Around it & it’s 3 moons (Yela, Daymar & Celin) are there, in fact it’s the area of space that’s existed longest, had the most work to and play time in from most players.

The Planet Crusader however is a placeholder asset, approaching too close just kills you.

Since the Persistent Universe existed it’s been the area of space we have had to explore that the rest of the game play is expanding out of.

The Area around Crusader will evolve further, this goes for everything in game at this stage, but the Stations there like Port Olisar, they will be being replaced with the new “Procedurally Assisted” SpaceStation/TruckStops eventually.

They are working on Cargo Stations, Refineries, Abandoned & Automated Stations that will all help fill the area there and replace some of the older assets all planned to becoming in 2019.

Stanton 2 otherwise known as Crusader is a low-mass gas giant, that has an atmosphere which is breathable at high altitudes. Taking advantage of this, the planet became home to a military-constructed latticework of inhabitable floating platforms. The platforms proved to be ideal for Crusader Industries, since their large-scale commercial transport ships would otherwise need to be built beyond the atmosphere. Being built in open air allows the cost of these ships to be reduced by almost 40% on the back end, which is often passed along to consumers. Once Crusader Industries took over the planet and shipyards, these platforms were expanded upon to suit their production needs. The company also built quality housing for their employees in habitats woven into the latticework itself. The portion of the world available to visitors is considered by many to be the nicest port in the system. The shipyards themselves are eerily beautiful, with huge transport ships suspended in mid-atmosphere surrounded by a lighted webbing of Crusader facilities.

Crusader should have more of a lawful, clean, commercial & maybe touristy vibe.

Gas Giant Tech
Throughout February they’ve been working on Gas Cloud Tech which allows for better large volumetric cloud effects. This will have various usages, nebula and areas of interest in space, The Coil & Odin System in Squadron 42 requires it.

This appears to be the first step towards Gas Giants, they need the Gas Cloud Tech first then will develop more dense layers for a Gas Giant, after all they don’t need players to get too close to the core of the Giant, just have the planet look good from space, has access to the landing zone and then we don’t really know what kind of interaction we will have with the giant, will it be pockets of gas that we can mine, layers of gas we can explore or is it going to be less interactive and kill you if you are too close?

CI’s Ben Parry commented on the Cloud Tech saying

“Fog and weather are definitely not something we’re trying to handle via the gas cloud system , Crusader may layer it in if it’s useful, though that would mean adding extra features that it doesn’t otherwise need.”

Landing Zone Orison
Orison is a city in the clouds. It should offer a breathtaking view of Crusader‘s commercial shipbuilding platforms.

The area is breathable so you don’t need a helmet, this won’t be true of the whole of Crusader BUT is of it’s landing zones and floating platforms.

There are supposed to be Garden lined walkway & a large amount of various shopping plazas and shops make up the bulk of the structures.

The area should have beautiful vistas and have view at least at some point of the shipyards and ships in a state of construction.

There is a Starport, massive maintenance areas, lots of natural light & potted plants.

Arriving at the Crusader Visitor’s Center, you’ll head straight down the elevator to the Grande Observatory, where the transparent flooring provides unparalleled views of the tempestuous atmosphere below.

There is Public transport which is planned to be shuttle services probably similar to that of ArcCorp.

There are shipyards which are supposed to be viewable from Orison.

Floating in a nest of complicated latticeworks, the Crusader Industries Shipyards are prized examples of unintentional art, where one may watch massive transport ships emerge from nothing as they are constructed by a delicately choreographed ballet of bots and workers.[3]

This is where the Crusader Industries Ships should be built so The Mercury StarRunner, Hercules Starlifters and Genesis Starliners.

Mission Givers & Characters

Crusader Security already has a presence in the Game and has missions which are connected to them that appear in the PU. There are going to be some voiced mission givers and NPCs though specifically for Orison and Crusader industries missions.

In a Lore Liaison Officers Gibbs, Kayla Frost & Bautista work for Crusader Security on Orison.The Crusader Security Office, is run by Section Chief Captain Pontayo.

When Are We Getting Crusader & Orison?
The fact that Crusader has it’s moons and a mission presence already is a lot of work already done.

Orison will need to be built out but is going to be relatively modular and potentially less complex than other Landing Zones as it’s floating and separate to the planet.

The Tech for Gas Giants is what should be holding the inclusion of Orison and finishing off the Stanton Systems main landing zones and planetary bodies HOWEVER it only has to be their first iteration of the tech that they can improve further as they go. CI did originally want to get Orison optimistically in 2019 though that is extremely unlikely now and the Gameplay area does not appear on the Roadmap for this year anymore, I would expect it maybe mid 2020.

Around Crusader is where Tessa Bannister and the ICC ScanHub Stanton

used to be. She gave various missions to respond to distress signals and such and some a lot of players was the first real mission giver, even tho you never met her, it was all comms and a disembodied voice.

HOWEVER this mission chain and Tessa was removed in Alpha 3.0… it’s said that it will come back at some point though.

Once Orison is ready I’d expect to see new missions and an expansion of the current Missions to use it’s gameplay area, also Crusader missions to have more of a Hub.