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Drake Corsair Sneak Peek

Welcome to sneak peek at the next Concept ship the Drake Corsair.

“Heed the call of uncharted space and harness the spirit of exploration with the Drake Corsair, a worthy companion, supporting you in battle, discovery, and delivery, wherever the winds of adventure may steer you.

The romance. The danger. The mystery of charting a course into the unknown. It sings to you. The spirit of exploration is inescapable. It’s who you are.

You hear the song of far-off galaxies, of systems uncharted and frontiers untamed. You feel the magnetic pull of adventure and long to chase virgin horizons into the unfathomably silent depths of the unknown.

This is the spirit of the Drake Corsair – the bold, indomitable will of Humankind, dauntless in its relentless pursuit of fortune, expansion, and knowledge.

You never know what you may discover out there.

The Corsair will be available in the pledge store until April 22, 2019

From $195 Warbond, this is a sale that concierge backers will have access to now and everyone else from Friday the 22nd of March with an option of buying with store credit too.

We can see that the focus of the ship is exploration and expeditions

The Corsair is a 3 winged asymmetrical ship, 2 on the port side and 1 on the starboard.

The Ship Appears to have a rear ramp and be able to house an Ursa Rover.

The Ship looks to be around Constellation sized and focused largely on exploration so akin to the Constellation Aquila.

There looks to be a large amount of weaponry and turrets on the ship too

2 size turrets, 1 rear turret, at least 3 nose mounted weapons (one of which is a turret) and 8 missiles on it’s starboard wing.

There appears to be some wing mounted weapons too potentially another 2 – 3 guns.

There is also the NAME RESERVATION perk for warbond purchases with this concept sale.

As a special incentive, all Warbond Corsairs come with the ability to reserve a custom name for the ship, unique across the Corsair chassis although certain restrictions apply.

To name your ship, simply visit your hangar after purchase and view your Corsair for naming options.

I am very excited for the Drake Corsair, it looks heavily armed and Drake’s response to the Constellation and Exploration in game. It’s priced a good bit cheaper than the Carrack & based on it’s facilities may be viable alternative. It might not have as good systems, items, armor or protections BUT what Drake do well is cheap ships, lots of guns and no frills.

Exploration Gameplay will get a bit more info on it with this concept sale too both from info from the full concept sale tomorrow and the FAQ they will run in the coming weeks.

The ship does appear to have design cues from the Drake Style, with the Buccaneer, Cutlass and Caterpillar BUT also I can see some of the Carrack & Freelancer in there too.