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Help Make The BoredGamer Star Citizen Podcast

I am planning to potentially do a Star Citizen Podcast in the future. As such I want to get some feedback on what people would like to see.
We recently ran a poll to see what viewers wanted the Podcast Format to be.

The Results look like this:

  • Captain’s Table Like – Multiple Guests each week
  • Guests can be anyone Star Citizen related, community members, Devs, Streamers
  • The Podcast will take Topics on from the News, Hot-Topics and from the community.
  • The Podcast will be ONLY Star Citizen Focused but cover all areas of Star Citizen, the project and CI.
  • There may be some regular segments & freeform aspects.
  • We’ll be taking Questions LIVE from Chat as well as pre-submitted ones.
  • We may sometimes do the Podcast from in game.
  • The Podcast will be once a WEEK OR ONCE A FORTNIGHT.
  • The Podcast will be aimed at roughly 1 hour long BUT will go longer if needed.
  • We will broadcast the Podcast LIVE on Twitch & Youtube then make it into a edited YT video.
  • We will look at doing LIVE Special Events – CitizenCon Watch Parties

I am now after some help with deciding a Name for the Podcast.

  • SCP – Star Citizen Podcast
  • The BoredGamer Podcast
  • BoredCast
  • BoredRoom
  • SOON
  • BDSSPE – Best Damn Space Sim Podcast Ever