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Aegis “Project” Teased & Concierge Event

There was an Aegis Teaser the other day saying they had a special announcement, there was a Concierge Newsletter that went out today.


So this is a concierge event that looks like might show off a new Aegis Vehicle or Ship of some kind.

Some people have suggested that we might see a super sabre or something like that BUT in the Newsletter there is a load of what I believe are Eclipses, I believe that this could be a reference to a Aegis Carrier Capital Ship.


There was a Concierge event in 2018 with tickets going on sale for $350 though as I understand it that included food & drink in a nice restaurant and in LA, which goes a long way to justifying that, it’s certainly an event for the more hardcore concierge members though and we don’t know how this event will differ in Frankfurt, I would expect it to be cheaper though.


What do you think the Aegis “exciting new project” could be?

Do the more elitist concierge events annoy you or are you cool with them? OR are you a concierge that wants to go?