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Star Citizen April Fools / TriggerFish & Channel Update

Welcome to some more Star Citizen & a BoredGamer Channel Update
It is April 1st which means April Fools OR TriggerFish as it’s known in the SC universe and there has been a few April Fools that caught my eye.

A Nintendo Switch – Advert that said they wanted to bring all games to the platform (that included Star Citizen)

And the Official CI April Fools that posed as New merchandise.

There was post on r/Gaming of what was said to be Cyberpunk, which is massively upvoted but it’s Star Citizen Area 18 Footage.

I even put a little April Fools out myself about Ships Flying Themselves fully in autopilot.

I wonder how much rage and trickery I can pull with that by the end of the day.

Onto more tangible matters
Alpha 3.5.0 is out to all backer on the PTU, we are expecting the LIVE build that could come at any point really, I suspect every build they are putting out is a release candidate IF no major blockers are found then they will push live.

Thank you for all the support over the last month, my Dad had a Major operation and is currently undergoing Chemo, I hope it hasn’t & won’t affect the channels content too much BUT I appreciate all the kind words and sticking with me even if my content has suffered, thank you.

I am still going to be employing zinya or at least that is the plan, I am just getting my head around article 11/13 making sure that there is a high chance that I will still be able to make content with those new EU Directives. I’d like her to start in June so she can be fully briefed and ready for Alpha 3.6.

I’ve been using Shadow a lot on the 3.5 build making sure it works & it does superbly for me. I’ve also had good results on my Shadow and my home PC with the latest Geforce 425.11 Drivers.

I want to do a bit of a push this month for Patreons, SubscribeStars & Youtube Memebers, I am also going to be streaming some star citizen in the evenings too, a mix of gameplay and ama type content.

The winner of March’s Carrack was Bertrand Russel.