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Star Citizen PTU 3.5.0L Patch Notes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with Patch Notes for the 3.5.0L PTUThe Patch is available to all backers on the PTU.

Feature Updates

  • Area18 rooftop audio update.
  • Reworked destroy satellite mission AI ship waves and updated rewards.
  • Reduced movement speed inside the gimbal assist cone and reduced the size of the inner cone where gimbals can move at full speed.
  • Rebalanced mass drivers which were missed in an earlier weapon balance pass.

Bug Fixes

  • Filled in some missing localization on store items.
  • Improved sync so FPS combat AI do not teleport when spotting the player.
  • Shop counter NPCS should no longer occasionally get stuck in t-pose.
  • Male characters should no longer respawn t-posed at Area18.
  • Further updates to prevent AI ship jitters.
  • The waste remaining counter should now properly appear when arriving in the area of waste disposal mission.
  • Pacheco’s face should now animate properly.
  • Bounty mission markers should now display properly.
  • Health monitor sounds should no longer be playing constantly.
  • Performance optimization for flying over Area18.
  • Two players should no longer be assigned the same rooftop when doing a mission for Pacheco.
  • Players should now be able to make insurance claims at Lorville.
  • Fixed exception causing hair to poke through helmets.
  • Fixed replaceme ball inside of 300i.
  • Local security should no longer randomly interdict the player.
  • Fixed 2 server crashes & a client crash.
  • Stanton memory usage optimization pass

There are still some Major Known Issues with the patch some of which are blockers to the LIVE build:

  • Some aspect ratios do not work well with the ship HUD.
  • Some ships are unable to connect when landing, bouncing back into hover. W/A: Power off quickly after touchdown.
  • Sometimes after ejecting ships claimed on insurance will be returned without their seats. W/A: Recopy account to get ships back.


People randomly being pulled out of QT by security forces was one of the more annoying things that they have fixed. NPC Faces aren’t going mad which is great.

They’ve attempted to balance auto-gimbals to some extent so they are less mega OP, they are still pretty strong imo.

The Combat AI still is derpy (but less jittery), hopefully they can get them at least semi-functional for LIVE. I don’t need them to be pro, just more challenging than cannon fodder.


There was an april fools patch note that they quickly removed too

“Added overheat to the Area18 skybus.” I think a lot of people were confused so they triggerfished it away.

I still get massive frame drops at ArcCorp when putting my landing gear down… which is really peculiar.