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Star Citizen 3.8.0 Quick Start Controls

Star Citizen Alpha 3.8.0 is Available to all Backers, you’ll need an account & a Game Package to play Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe.
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Star Citizen 3.8.0 Features & Info

Interaction & FPS Controls
[Y] is the get out of bed, seat or station now, DON’T HOLD IT WHEN IN A SHIP, it’s Eject when you do.
[Hold F] is Interact & [Left Click] is Select
Tapping [F] is Quick Interact, for Opening Doors
If you are on an MFD / Ship HUD holding [F] then Mouse Wheeling will zoom in and you can use your mouse to interact with the panels & the cockpit of your ship.
[F1] mobiGlas – Missions, Starmap, Loadouts, CommCalls / Request Landing & More
[C] Medipen / Heal
[Mouse Wheel] – Changes the Speed Your Character Moves at
[F4] Toggle 3rd Person Camera

Ship Controls
[R] is to Flight Ready your ship.
[N] Toggle Landing Mode (Pulls up/down your landing gear)
[Hold N] with your landing gear down will try to auto-land you if you are close enough to a landing pad.
[W] is Forward
[S] Backward
[X] is Space-brake
[A/D] is Strafe Left / Right
[Q/E] is Roll Left / Right
[Space] Strafe Up
[Control] Strafe Down
[Mouse Wheel] is Velocity Control
This sets the maximum speed at which you ship can travel with [WSAD][Control] & [Space] Inputs
[C] Cruise Control – Tries to match your Velocity Control
[SHIFT] is Afterburner – Increases acceleration
[V] Toggles Decoupled Mode
[B] Spool Quantum Drive
[Hold B] Once Quantum Drive is Calibrated & Spool – Travel to Destination

Ship Combat
[Alt] [1] is target nearest enemy
[3] is Cycle Enemy Targets
[5] will cycle Friendlies
[2] will cycle sub components of ships (thrusters atm BUT it’s good to understand that this will eventually be power plants, shields etc…)
[Left Alt] plus corresponding targeting key will cycle the other direction
[Hold Z] will allow you to look behind your ship.
[G] Launches a CM
[H] Cycles CMs
[T] Toggles Ship Lights
[R] Cycles Gimbal mode manual, fixed or Auto-Gimbal
Auto Gimbal will lock onto targets in a small cone in front of your ship basically aiming for you, a lock is shown when the dashed circle comes together, the dashed circle only appears when Auto Gimbals are enabled, this only effects weapons that are on gimbals.
[Holding Y] Eject IF your ship has the ability