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Star Citizen PTU 3.5.0m Patch Notes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with some more Patch Notes and Updates for the Alpha PTU 3.5.0m Patch.

Let’s start with the New Features

  • IFCS will now engage autopilot and attempt to turn your ship out and away when intersecting with a no-fly zone.
  • Updated no-drive barriers around Lorville.
  • Added locations to comm array location missions to indicate where they are.
  • Adjusted some of the ships for patrols and bounty hunters.
  • Updated ESP so dampening will increase the curvature on yaw/pitch so at max deflection you always get full angular velocity, making it easier to track targets.

Bug Fixes

  • Players should now be able to interact with the 300i’s bed.
  • The 300i should now have functioning headlights.
  • Players should now be able to buy and sell commodities at outposts around Hurston.
  • NPC service beacons (combat assist ECN) should now work around Hurston.
  • Players should be able to add new players to their contact list, in-game or from the front end.
  • Automated turrets at underground facilities should no longer continue fire after being destroyed.
  • Continued fixing for AI ship jitters and issues.
  • Using ASOP terminals should no longer cause a large drop in framerate.
  • AI ship waves should now properly spawn for Hurston bounty missions.
  • Landing performance optimizations near Area18.
  • Fixed 3 client crashes, 2 server crashes & a Crash fix associated with picking female character heads.

Major Known Issues:

  • Some aspect ratios do not work well with the ship HUD.
  • Some ships are unable to connect when landing, bouncing back into hover. W/A: Power off quickly after touchdown.
  • Sometimes after ejecting ships claimed on insurance will be returned without their seats. W/A: Recopy account to get ships back.

The testing focus of the patch is still

  • The IFCS, Heat Rework, Atmospheric flight, Arena Commander
  • The Balance of Assisted gimbals, manual gimbals, auto-convergence, cannons vs repeaters vs scatterguns, ship roles, The 300i
  • New Locations: ArcCorp, Area18, Lyria, Wala
  • Star Marine: All game modes
  • Female Character & DNA face customization system

Realistically now the PTUs are all bug and blocker hunts.

The idea of the new autopilot / no-fly zone system here is to make it so that they don’t have to hard kill players that stray off the path. I like it’s intention but it only sometimes seems to work at the moment, sometimes you die, sometimes it grabs you and says NO you are not allowed to go here.

The ESP Changes didn’t seem horrible, though my mind has been addled by the use of auto-gimbals.

Some of the more severe random frame drops seem to have been ironed out BUT not all of them.

AI seem less derpy, though that could of just been the servers me being on being new & AI are getting killed a lot quicker now with auto gimbals too it seems.

It’s very likely we will see another PTU Patch and if it’s stable then it will go to LIVE within a few hours of that patch. I do think that the LIVE releases do benefit from the extra few days in PTU to get them as playable as possible. Though we are also likely to get a 3.5.1 patch pretty soon after with the rest of the reworked 300 series flyable too.