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Star Citizen PTU 3.5.0n Patch Notes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with Patch Notes for PTU Alpha 3.5.0n which is available to all backers, just a quick one for this patch.

The Patch had some Updates

  • Lowered restricted area around tower at Area18.
  • Audio pass on rooftop ambience on ArcCorp.
  • Made ESP ramp-in curve softer to prevent being kicked off.

Bug Fix wise

  • Wallace Klim should no longer be standing too far behind his desk.
  • Pistols should longer be out of position when the female character is prone.
  • The no-fly zone autopilot should no longer occasionally fly you into the ground.
  • Ship headlights should no longer be on when the ship is made flight ready.
  • Pacheco should now more consistently notice the player.
  • Players should no longer be able to abandon the Pacheco mission and end up breaking the competitive destroy stash mission.
  • Area18 should no longer have lights flickering as the player walks around.
  • Fixed an issue with some HUD elements being misaligned with aspect ratios different than 16:9.
  • Cargo boxes should longer fall through the 300i’s cargo lift.
  • Fixed orbital spline jumps occasionally ramming the player into the planet.
  • Fixed an issue where ship pass by sounds could be heard from the player’s own ship.
  • Further fixes for AI ship jitter and/or stationary issues.
  • Players should be able to get their ship back whole if they file a claim after ejected out of it.
  • Corrected pitch ladder to display level flight horizon rather than visual ground horizon.
  • Ship thruster nozzle animations should once again be playing correctly
  • Fixed 2 server crashes & 4 client crashes.

The patch has some Major Known Issues still:

  • Some ships are unable to connect when landing, bouncing back into hover. W/A: Power off quickly after touchdown.
  • Arena Commander is not rewarding REC.
  • Players are frequently killed instantly in their cockpit during dogfights.
  • Dropping a mission box instantly fails the mission.
  • NPCs are not moving at Lorville and Levski.

Although the last couple of patches have had a reasonable amount of QoL and additions it’s just as much a bug hunt and balance, auto-gimbals being relatively controversial at the moment. I personally don’t have a problem with a skill floor as long as it’s done right and that there is also a very high skill ceiling.

When it comes to when is 3.5 going to be released as I have said in my last couple of videos, it looks like as soon as they fix those last major known issues that 3.5.0 will go to live, I would expect that this Thursday/Friday.