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Star Citizen All Remaining Ships Progress Update

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, I wanted to do a monthly or so Ship Updates Video. Going over what work has been going on with ships on the Roadmap, what do we know about other ships, when are they working on them, what’s been done?

I’ll very quickly talk about 3.5 before I get onto some more Juciy bits.

We have the Ursa Fortuna (Green Version of the Ursa Rover), Hornet Heartseeker F7C-M, Reliant Variants – Sen, Mako, Tana & 300i all for 3.5

The Variants of the 300i are planned to be released in a 3.5.x patch, though due to the delay of the 3.5 live build we could I suppose have the variants turning up in 3.5 LIVE.

If not then expect them soon after. We also know that there will be some new type of customization options on the RSI website for the 300 series, this could be paint, loadouts and potentially even internal options.


3.6 – This is planned for a Live Release end of June 2019
The Vanguard Warden is getting a much deeper rework than we originally expected, with everything from it’s cockpit chair back getting some work.

The Vanguard’s will all be getting the Hoplites Ramp and the main central modules will be drastically updated.

One of the main reasons for this is to make the Vanguard relevant and useful as previously they didn’t quite fit into the Verse.

The P-72 & Improved P-52 snub fighters are both there for 3.6.

The P-52 sees various improvements to the this including it’s landing gear compression.

The P-72 is the luxury version of the P-52, with Fuel Intakes, lighter hull (for more agility) & it’s listed with 4 Size 1 weapons.

One of the ships I am most excited is the Origin 890 Jump. It’s now reportedly around 195m making it a massive beast of a Luxury ship. Over the last few months we have seen various parts of the ship, it’s atrium, cargo bay, externals. It’s supposed to have 2 bridges, a spa facility, a bay for a x85 or 2, guest rooms.

The Banu Defender was pushed back from Alpha 3.5 to 3.6 as they wanted some extra time to get the aesthetic and look of the Gold Standard for the Banu Ships correct.

That style being organic tech hybrid, metallic greeny-blue bronzey colors a slight Giger feel.

The ship has 2 pilots that share controls, will have some synergy with the Merchantman and is a long range escort fighter with the Banu Singe Tachyon Cannons as standard. It will be interesting to see how it fits into the game’s meta with the other Dogfighters.


3.7 – This is planned for a Live Build Sept – Nov time based on CitizenCon & how they want to do the penultimate release for 2019.
We will see the Vanguard Variants Harbinger the Missile Centric Heavy Fighter and the Sential the E-War version in the patch. These as discussed earlier have had a bit of a reconcept to make them more relevant.

The Drake Cutlass Red (which was hangar ready but not flyable) has been getting a rework for a while now and at least some of the same treatment as the Cutlass Black. It’s role is medical / search and rescue so expect it’s internals to reflect this, think of it as an ambulance.


3.8 – This is the last planned release of 2019 coming towards the end of December.
The Prowler will be the First Tevarian Ship in game, this one is technically an Esperia Reproduction of one of their ships with some improvements.

The Prowler is a stealthy agile dropship suitable for ship to ship, ship to station or ship to ground deployment, able to get in and out with various other little bonuses like a Air-Shield allowing the doors to be open BUT the interior not to be exposed to the elements or space.

Cutlass Blue – Again as with the Cutlass Red the Blue is getting a rework with it’s flyable state but a Quarter later. This is the more armed & armoured version of the Cutlass, it originally had all of it’s cargo space taken up with cells for bounty hunting BUT I am hoping that it will have at least some cargo space OR the ability to take out cells, if it indeed still has some. I mean in a Police ship you’d want somewhere to store stolen goods you had repossessed, the weapons and armor of any indentured guests.

The Carrack is probably the most anticipated ship of 2019, potentially of the game.

It is a compressed capital ship sort of corvette sized, focused on exploration though it should be suitable for lots of multi-role activity. It has a drone bay, medical bay and bedding for it’s crew of which it can take 6. It’s likely to be very popular as it’s got a lot going on for it BUT can be run by a small easily manageable crew, I suspect it will be the first foray into larger ships for a lot of crews before moving to a Capital Ship.

We have seen a good amount of work to it’s grey box over the last few months.

Once the Carrack is completed the team there will be moving onto the Banu Merchantman, this will also be using the Defender and the Updated Style Guide to help develop the ship. There is no date currently for when the MM will be completed. We know that there will be shops on board the ship, half the ship will be for customers and commerce, the other half for the crew, there are beds nearby stations with the intention that the crew sleep where they work.

The Hull-C is a dedicated Cargo freighter BUT it also represents a lot of tech coming together.

Multi-Grid Physics Tech, Working morphing animations & changing physics.

The ship needs to be able to expand and contract and when in it’s expanded mode be able to have spindles that can have cargo containers attached to.

One of the reasons that it’s planned for 3.8 as well is that they required ship to station docking to allow the ship to dock to unload/load cargo.


3.9 – The first major Release of 2020 is 3.9 coming at the end of March that year.
The Vulture Light Salvage Vessel is a Cutlass Sized industrial ship. As Salvage v1 is planned for 3.8 it’s expected that the ship will have the Salvage mechanics when it’s flyable AND as it’s still going to be early in the mechanics implementation just expect something similar to mining BUT stripping the hulls of ships.

Once we have physicalized components we will also be able to remove weapons, systems and items from ships by hand and bring them aboard too.

The Constellation Taurus has made it’s way back to the Roadmap, this was supposed to just be a cut down Constellation BUT it seems to be more cargo focused & have a hidey hole where it’s under turret would be on other Constellations. It’s obviously going to have some changes that warranted it taking a while long to get out.


Squadron 42 Roadmap
The Squadron 42 Roadmap has more details of Vanduul Ship BUT also Human Capital Ships that are going to be ready for the Single Player Campaign in 2019. We don’t know where these ships will fall in regard to the PU, the Vanduul Ships may be added to Vanduul Swarm.

Q” has the Cydnus Spider Miner which is a large human mining vehicle.

As well as the Vanduul Cleaver Boarding Claw.

Q3 has the mighty Aegis Idris-M Frigate and Javelin Destroyer.

The M is the military version of the Idris used in the campaign, so the more common P is likely going to take a bit more work. The Javelin that Players will use is likely going to be a stripped down version of the one in Squadron 42, at least not having all of the military gear.

Q4 has the Vanduul Void Bomber, Vanduul Driller, Vanduul Kingship, Vanduul Stinger Heavy Fighter, Vanduul Hunter Corvette a huge amount of Vanduul Ships.

But also the RSI Bengal Super Carrier.

Capital Ships – There are some Tech Requirements for PU to have Capital Ships, SSOCS, a variety of server optimizations, potentially Full Persistence AND/OR Server Meshing.

Capital Ships are sooo massive and require large crews, so we need servers that can support these ships, higher server caps for players, places to spawn the ship, the ships to be made appropriate for the PU (a carbon copy of the Military Versions of the Ships from SQ42 wouldn’t be appropriate) the ships will need to have swappable components/Weapons something that SQ42 doesn’t need either.

Not a Ship be something I want almost as much as the Carrack is the Titan Suits.

These are pegged for Q4 for the SQ42 Roadmap. They are super-heavy armored Exosuits akin to Ironman Armor. They look like they can carry S1 maybe S2 ship sized weapons.

They aren’t on the PU Roadmap BUT they don’t require any new tech to get working in the PU as far as I am aware, I’d expect them in 3.8 / 3.9 most likely.


Beyond the Current Roadmap
The StarRunner will be the first of the Crusader Brand of ships to be worked on for flyable. It will act as the gold standard / style guide for the other Crusader Ships.

Once this is complete they will be moving onto the others from the series, most likely the Hercules StarLifter, whether that will just be the C2 Transport or all of the variants M2 Military & A2 Gunship

There is some form of ship for Aegis being announced on the 24th August.

The Redeemer is going to be getting an entire re-concepting and rework as a focused Gunship, so it might be that. Though it’s rumored to be a Aegis Carrier or Capital Ship to compete with the Kraken.

Typically we have around 6-8 Concept Ships / Vehicles (excluding variants) Added to the one day flyable roster a year & these Concept Sales are spaced around 6 weeks apart from each other after the first one goes live around mid February seems to be that sweet spot.

We are still waiting on a variety of ships/vehicles but not that many actually, that we haven’t mentioned. That are yet to have much information about them on where they will be getting work or when they will be flyable.

The Rest of Hull Series – The Hull A & B should be in pretty quick after the Hull-C BUT the D & E are massive!

The Orion – We know the ship grew to twice it’s length making it a behemoth of Mining ship.

The Genesis Starliner, it’s assumed that after the Hercules Series is done that the Starliner will get some love.

The Endeavor is a mighty science ship & incredibly modular for a range of tasks including farming with biodomes, I suspect it will be one of the last ships completed in the game.

The Crucible repair ship

The Polaris Torpedo Corvette

The X1, Base, Velocity & Force Luxury Bike

The Pioneer Outpost Builder & Mover

The Nova Tank

The Vulcan Drone based Repair, Refuel and Rearm Ship

100 series – 100i, 125a, 135c Luxury Starter Ships

The Apollo S&R / Medical Ship

The Mighty Kraken Light Carrier

Santokyai Xi’An Medium Fighter

Argo SRV – S&R TractorBeam Tow Ship

The Corsair Exploration Ship – Drake’s answer to the Constellation Aquila.