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Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 LIVE Updates & Patch Notes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 is now LIVE & available to all backers with a Game Package. Let’ go over the New Features & Patch Notes of the New Build as well as some major issues that need to be fixed ASAP. If you want a Full or Quick Start Tutorial for 3.5 I’ll link them below too as there have been controls changes.

Let’s Start with the Major Additions
Added DNA face customization system & playable female Characters – Character selection and creation now uses a DNA face customization system. You are able to choose a gender, then select from a set of currently available characters and customize the blend of their facial features that will be represented in your own character. System includes “Simple” and “Advanced” modes that allows you to customize your face with preferred level of complexity & then select individual traits such as eye and hair color, skin tone, hair type.

Planet ArcCorp and its moons Lyria and Wala – Unlike the other planets in the Stanton system, the ArcCorp has the distinction of being almost entirely developed and built on. Nearly every square kilometer of the planet has been allocated for habitation, commercial use, industrial plants, and massive warehouses. As such, a strict, low level no-fly zone is in place for protection, though many choose to construct their buildings taller than the zone in order to offer landing opportunities. ArcCorp has two moons: Lyria, an icy moon dotted with cryogeysers and cryovolcanoes and Wala, a low density moon notable for its large crystalline outcroppings.

Major Landing Zone: Area18 – Area18 happens to be one of the few landing zones designated by ArcCorp for interplanetary traffic and is one of the main commercial ports for the surrounding region. If travelers manage not to be overwhelmed by the hectic sights and sounds of this landing zone, they can find a variety of goods from trusted names as well as unique local providers. ArcCorp has contracted with the PMC group “BlacJac Security” to ensure that their world and its surrounding environs are kept safe and open for business.

New Flight Model & IFCS Update
Added “speed limiter” functionality – I refer to this as Velocity Control
The speed limiter is a preset velocity (controlled by mousewheel) that is applied to all strafe directions and is controlled independently of ship motion. Core ship movement is now controlled via “strafe” in the desired vectors, releasing a button has you return to stationary. Additionally, there is a “cruise control” (C key) toggle that activates automatic thrust forward for longer distance travel. The Velocity is shown as actual velocity.

  • All ship thruster output and tunings have been reworked for a more drifty feel.
  • IFCS netcode has been updated for more efficient performance.
  • ESP has been updated for new flight tunings. SCM and PRE bespoke modes have been removed.
  • Comstab has been removed.
  • The Old “Afterburner” as has been removed & “Boost” is now referred to as “Afterburner”. So Afterburner now gives you an acceleration boost BUT generates heat.
  • Ship audio has been reworked including new thruster audio, new ship sounds, and audio linked ship vibration.
  • The center flight HUD has been reworked to better fit the updated flight model.
  • Atmospheric flight has been re-tuned and now includes lift in .addition to drag.
  • Gravlev control has been reworked.
  • Players can now set quantum travel way-points on members of their party.
  • IFCS will now engage autopilot and attempt to turn your ship out and away when intersecting with a no-fly zone.
  • Ship thrusters should now be damagable via direct fire.
  • Improved and updated the ship heat system.

Ship thrusters can now overheat under heavy usage, especially when using afterburner.

  • Full balance pass on thruster power usage.
  • Updated AI pilot behavior to include break-away under fire tactics and separate lateral and frontal attacks for larger ships with turrets.

Added automated gimbals
Automated gimbals are an additional setting for gimbals that allow them to attempt and automatically track targets within a cone in front of the ship. The cone is designated by a dashed circle, which is separated into two when the gimbals do not have a lock on the target and closes into a single circle when they develop a lock. This mode can be cycled to via the “R” key

Added ship weapon auto-convergence
Fixed and gimbal weapons now auto-converge disparate weapon velocities and ranges into a single pip based on the slowest and shortest range weapon you have equipped. Additionally, gimbal and fixed weapons have a very small amount of target convergence (still being tuned).

Ships & Vehicle Updates

  • They have added the MISC Reliant variants – Tana, Sen, and Mako.
  • The Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker.
  • There’s been a Full rework of the 300i.
  • A New Weapon the Tachyon “Singe” cannon.

They have Added new turret UI and sensitivity controls
Turrets now have a UI overlay that shows their position relative to their parent ship (in degrees), the current sensitivity (slider bar), and with the current fire mode. Additionally, there are now interaction nodes for increasing and decreasing turret sensitivity directly from the turret seat.

Updated & Improved Scanning HUD
Scan information is consolidated into two lists that passively refresh when scanning an object, even if already scanned. Also updated the ability to scan quantum travel navigation points.

  • Added voice feedback for events while mining.
  • Items and components now wear at a very slow rate.
  • Items and components can now be repaired.

Other Ship Updates

  • Revision of the Gallenson Tactical Systems GT-870 series ship weapons.
  • Updated Gladius entry/exit animations.
  • Added faster bed animations to the Prospector.
  • Updated death VFX for Vanduul Scythe.
  • Adjusted the Freelancer landing pad position to avoid the rear of the ship being too close to an edge.
  • Adjusted Hornet seat position to be more consistent for all variants.
  • Increased the self-destruct timer for the Reclaimer.
  • Missile guidance should now work between different zones.
  • The mining arm of the Prospector will now shake when firing the laser.
  • Minor updates for entry, exit, and pass-out animations for numerous ships to eliminate pauses.
  • Power priority is now functional.
  • Slightly raised the Sabre’s flight HUD.
  • Disabled look behind view for shop parked ships.
  • Moved the power plant and quantum points on the MISC Reliant away from the wings to avoid loss of control when they are damaged.
  • Updated audio for some ship weapons and weapon impacts.
  • Reduced all ship weapon velocity with a greater reduction for cannons.
  • Rebalanced cannon damage.
  • Re-entry VFX are now systematically driven by IFCS atmospheric physics.

Missions, NPCs & Locations
Added new mission giver: Tecia “Twitch” Pacheco.
Twitch came up as a soldier who transitioned into freelance security work after her service ended. Things seemed to be working out until she suffered nerve damage on a job for BlacJac Securities and they unceremoniously cut her loose. Now, left without employment and with a very specialized skill-set that she couldn’t use, she turned to the criminal element that she used to hunt. These days, she lurks around the back alleys of the megacity Area18, making deals and introducing people or as she calls it “enjoying her retirement.”

  • Added Hurston Security ship variants for areas in and around Hurston.
  • Added environmental missions where AI can police unlawful players and track/call in additional support when doing so. The level and ship of the opposing force will depend on the player’s wanted level.
  • Added combat assistance service beacon mission types for AI.
  • Added a patrol mission to Delamar.
  • Added destroy satellite missions into Hurston area.
  • Added additional delivery mission variants.
  • Expanded black box, investigation, collect, and kill confirm missions to additional derelicts.
  • Reduced the shields on the satellites for the destroy probe mission set.
  • Updated steal and ECN missions with new waves of enemies and different “protect” ships.
  • Improvements to delivery mission assets.
  • Changed the rewards and opposing ships for the mission giver bounty missions.
  • Locker modules can now properly handle multiple deliveries.
  • Delamar asteroids are now viable locations for mercenary missions.
  • Bounty, steal, and recovery missions all now progress in difficulty.
  • Updated ships that spawn in pirate blockades.
  • Unlocking PVP bounty requires the player to complete any local security mission (Crusader, Hurston, or Blackjac security) and unlock the North Rock intro mission. Completing the North Rock intro mission unlocks PVP bounties for players with wanted level 2 or higher.
  • Visual updates and refinement for Wallace Klim.
  • Clean up and minor improvements to NPC collision avoidance system.
  • Updated sound effects and ambiances for Lorville’s CBD.
  • Updated lighting at various rest stops.
  • Added an automatic door to Constantine Hurston’s office.
  • Updated some shopkeeper animations.
  • Updated text for armor types to include color variants.
  • Reduced civilian foot traffic in and around Lorville.
  • Deferred collision added to No-Fly Zones.
  • Adjusted restocking and insurance pricing.
  • Removed Million Mile High Club from main menu, as it is now accessed via Area18
  • Updated lighting for Lorville hangars.

Gemini S71 assault rifle – A well balanced and designed Assault Rifle, favored by wealthier private military professionals who want to make a display.

Kastak Arms Coda pistol – A no frills, raw, heavy ballistic pistol that packs a heavy punch if it connects. What it lacks in fire rate and magazine size, it more than makes up for in range and power.

  • FPS weapons now have dry fire audio when out of ammunition.
  • Added color variants to many armors and undersuits.
  • Updated vaulting animations for smoother usage.
  • Added additional aim recoil to the KSAR Ravager.
  • Updated the perception of FPS combat AI to react to players better.
  • Updated firing sounds for the Arclight pistol.

Star Marine
Echo-11 has undergone a complete redesign to create better pathing between zones, more varied cover and positions, and better flow between each point of interest or control point.

Control area capture now has updated gameplay mechanics – You can now start the capture by just tapping F, which will interact with the keyboard for 2 seconds. You will then automatically detach, allowing you to protect yourself against any incoming players. While the capture is taking place an AR marker appears in-world displaying the capture area. If you step outside of this area the capture will slowly decay back towards its last state and if more members of your team join you inside the area, the capture will go faster. If members of the opposing team step into the area, the capture will go slower – or stall completely if there are the same number of players from each team. Capture points also now go via a Neutral state, so if you die part way through a capture your progress (past half way) is “saved” and the point has to be re-captured by the opposing team.

  • Last Stand is now three rounds instead of four.
  • Reduced Star Marine elimination player cap to 12.
  • Added a smaller version of Station Demien, “Station Demien Comms”, which will be used for elimination.


  • Updated carry and pickup animation transitions to smooth out motion some.
  • Updated some of the carrying animations for EVA.
  • Default keyboard and gamepad controls have been revised along with the image presets in the options menu.
  • Updated footfall and general first person audio.
  • Changed the keybind for gimbal lock to “R”, which will now cycle between gimbal modes.
  • Updated menu background screen.
  • Added UI icons for additional kinds of contacts.
  • Temporarily removed visible geometry from helmets that was impeding mobiGlas visibility.
  • Replaced claim/retrieve buttons and ASOP terminal with a single, context sensitive button.
  • Added “headphones” setting in audio menu.
  • Updated party markers.

There has been a massive amount of bug fixes from previous builds of the game, I’ll highlight some here.

  • The aim PIP on turrets should no longer jarringly “snap” to target.
  • NPCs should no longer occasionally be standing on seats rather than sitting.
  • Large layers of liquid like shadows should no longer appear on moons.
  • There should no longer be atmospheric gaps inside various ships
  • Mineable resources should no longer flicker on approach and remain physicalized/scannable.
  • Chaff should now function properly as a countermeasure.
  • Quantum calibration targets in close proximity will now update properly when switching between them.
  • Missile lock UI should no longer remain after firing the missile.
  • Fixed some LOD issues on Lorville approach.
  • Various ships have had entry, exit & animation issues solved
  • Various performance optimizations.
  • Fixed a number of OCS related stalls.

There are still some Major Known Issues with the LIVE build:

  • IMPORTANT: Please be sure you are on launcher version 1.1.1, fully updated, before you begin downloading the patch.
  • When exiting the options menu on the character customizer screen, the options will remain up disabling the players’ control. W/A: Avoid using the options menu during character customization.
  • If the player exits the game with the mobiGlas still open they will return to the universe with a blurry screen. W/A: Close mobiGlas before exiting.
  • Delivery boxes can fall through the flooring of some ships.
  • Ships do not leave behind cargo when destroyed.
  • Ruto’s hologram is missing.
  • Ruto’s entry mission will sometimes fail to complete.
  • Some Area18 labs lack atmospheric pressure.
  • Ships can exceed their speed limits by turning slightly while accelerating.
  • Weapon projectiles/tracers occasionally diverge significantly from the player’s point of aim.
  • Dying with chat open may cause the player to be unable to respawn correctly. W/A: Relaunch client.
  • Trying on clothing at Casaba can sometimes result in the loss of armor pieces.
  • Ship bed logout may be unreliable or inconsistent.
  • Stowed items can sometimes appear attached to the players’ legs.
  • Switching to external camera from the pilot seat and back when reset the HUD and chat.

3.5 did see aUEC Purchases & Balances wipe, aUEC that you start with will be the amount of UEC on your RSI Account.

We should see a 3.5.1 patch and then other 3.5.x patches to fix these issues in the very near future. Also the 300 series variants are also planned in a short term 3.5.x patch.

For me when I was playing earlier too there was no shop inventories, I’ve previously seen this in PTU to LIVE builds where they haven’t hooked up a database or service to the LIVE build & it typically gets fixed within a day or so.

There are a few nuggets of additions that were not mentioned in the patch notes, Habs are Now Persistent, so if you put flair items, boxes or anything else in a hab then those changes will be saved, you can have a load of turtles piled up for example. HOWEVER your actual Hab Room may move around to different doors, so you might be at Strut A room 5 at Port Olisar, then relog and be at Strut B room 2, the Room however will be yours, just moved.

Your Hab changes will be saved at Port Olisar, Levski, GrimHex, Lorville & Area 18.

There are a lot more narcotics in the form of Etam, Slam, Neon in addition to Widow & Altrutoxin AND new Drugs Labs around the Stanton System too, trade routes have therefore changed.