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Star Citizen News – Tumbril Concept Vehicle Teaser

Welcome to some Star Citizen News, there has been lots of bits and pieces over the last few days that you might of missed. 3.5 LIVE, Telemetry, $0 CCU last chance BUT also a hint at the next Concept Vehicle.

Alpha 3.5 is now LIVE. There were some server problems earlier which they have no resolved. A lot has changed with the New Flight Model & the Additions of ArcCorp, Area 18, New Missions, Auto-Gimbals.
The Reliants & Some of the MISC ships are on sale currently too.

The 300 series will be on sale at some point in the near future and the reworked 300 variants will be flyable in a 3.5.x build coming soon. That will also have some new customization options from the RSI website for the 300s too.

There are loads of new Drug Labs, widow doesn’t make much money anymore, missions get progressively harder and better rewards, there is a lot going on the 3.5 BUT there is also a few major issues with the patch that they are trying to solve for 3.5.1 ASAP. Like …

The Game Telemetry Page has seen some updates
It now shows data for 3.5 LIVE but also you can use this to see how your frame rates and hardware stack up against others.

You can now filter by some more useful settings like resolution, graphics settings.
See your average ping, server stability scores, load times & much more telemetry data is just more easily accessible.

If you want to see what hardware is working well the SC, compare your rig to others or just like data then it’s worth checking out.

I also saw on Reddit someone playing Star Citizen on Manjaro Linux and having a great experience, I’ll link that down below.

$0 CCUs
This is your last couple of week’s to use any $0 CCUs, any that are unapplied will be deleted from accounts on the 1st of May.

Chairman’s Newsletter
There was a sneak peek & teaser in the lastest Chairman’s letter

“Reports from Saisei suggest a new project from Tumbril Land Systems is in the works.”

And there is a picture of Saisei in the Centauri System where Tumbril Land Systems HQ is located. I would therefore expect the next Concept Sale towards the end of April probably pre-sale on the 25th for some kind of new Ground Vehicle. Tumbril have Cyclone all terrain buggy and it’s variants in game already & the Nova Tank in Concept BUT they in lore also make HOV vehicles and vehicles for military contract. Star Citizen is missing some military styled vehicles like APCs, Light Tanks and also ground based utility vehicles too like miners, salvagers, repairers.

Again in lore there is mentions of the DX20 (an all terrain vehicle used as a personal carrier for the UEE in the Tevarin War), but also the Timura, and C-series vehicles that Tumbril have previously made BUT we don’t know much about them.

I am actually quite excited at the prospect of new ground vehicles that could fill some of the holes that need filling!

For those that are interested This month’s RSI Subscriber Flair is the Rust Society Leg Armor. Normal Subs get the RSI Venture Rust Society Leg Armor, Super Subs (Imperators) get that plus the MacFlex version too.