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Star Citizen News – 3.5 Server Problems & 300 Series Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News going over a summary & highlight of what happened during the last week, this time of the week ending the 21st of April.
Looking at 3.5 Server Issues, the Newsletter, Roadmap Updates, 3.5 Feedback & a possible new Concept in the coming week.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 went LIVE but also had some major server & back-end issues meaning a lot of players were left without spawn-able ships, there was no inventories in shops & there were infinite load screens and crashes for some too. These problems thankfully have since been fixed with a mini-client side update.

In the RSI Newsletter

“Alpha 3.5 has made it to the Persistent Universe, bringing with it new content, features, and improvements. We eagerly look forward to watching your further adventures in the ‘verse unfold, and we invite you to take a survey that will help us continue to refine the experience.
Also this week: improvements to our public telemetry dashboard, Newsweek takes a look inside development, StarWatch gets down with gem fashion and celebrity gossip, Drake sails in the sunset, and players celebrate Yuri Gagarin, first Human in space, with an in-game pub crawl.”

Roadmap Update
For the Alpha 3.5 Branch the 300 series variants are now all in the polishing phase. We should see these in a 3.5.x update soon.

With 3.6 – Player Jump v2 is in polishing. Transit Systems v2, NPC Improvements, Ship Pathfindering & the Law System v1 have seem a lot of tasks completed.

Alpha 3.7 has seen 3 features slip into 3.8 – NPC Healing, FPS Close Combat and Player Status System.

In the coming week’s I would expect a bit of a larger update for the 3.6 & 3.7 Roadmaps, with 3.6 getting more accurately content locked as it’s planned for a Live Build for the end of June, that said we did see over a 2 week delay on the 3.5 LIVE build so bare that in mind.

Server Side Object Container Streaming, Full Persistence and a few other important features that are planned this year are yet to appear on the Roadmap, we do know they are being worked on in the background now though, we should hear more about them later this year.

There is no Squadron 42 Update this week, due to a UI bug we will see an update to the Roadmap as normal next week.

There is a Feedback survey for 3.5 Gameplay & some signposting to appropriate threads for feedback.

“Now that 3.5 is live we once again want to assess the content to get a clearer picture of how things are functioning, what bugs are most frustrating, and what designs may be hindering enjoyment of the game. Open development during content creation means things are buggy, but it also means you will have a chance to give feedback on the content as we make it. Feedback and iteration is part of the Star Citizen experience and we have been taking the time to assess player feedback and general feeling towards the gameplay experience in quarterly intervals. We recognize that some of the issues raised may end up not being the focus of that particular quarter or may not of changed since the last time you gave us your input, but it doesn’t mean the feedback is wasted. Due to resources and prioritization, it’s very possible old issues may not of been addressed and some feedback ends up carried over to a future quarter for focus. Please do not hesitate to bring up egregious issues that have carried over from prior patches.

These types of threads still help us dial in on unintended effects or new issues that may of appeared with a new patch. Your comments and survey answers also help us update old issues as we began working toward solutions, providing new findings and up-to-date information as you all dive deeper into both the weakest and strongest parts of gameplay. You are an integral part of the game development process for Star Citizen.

We have updated the separate surveys into a single master survey where you can select which element of gameplay you want to review. You can also edit your responses to fill in other areas of the game you want to assess at anytime you like, as well as edit prior selections. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate you taking the time to improve Star Citizen!”

Star Citizen at this stage massively benefits from feedback I recommend you take a look. It allows you to have more of a say in the direction of the game and helps inform CIG of what players are interested in at this stage of the game’s development.

Reverse the Verse LIVE – Rest Stop Futures
They are going to have a range of “quality” of Rest Stops and Space Stations. The base building blocks of the procedural generation of these will be similar so they are focusing of branding & flavor for lower and higher end experiences. They are working on the types of shops you’d see in different types of station and why players would choose one brand or station over another.
Rest Stops (not truck stops anymore) are the term they using for these small and medium stations they are typically used for refueling, rearming & repair.
With the low end stations you are likely to see vending machines, automated services and more of the bare minimum level of essentials. Higher end rest stops may see restaurants, medical facilities, clothing stores.
There are going to be Naval & Military Bases / Stations, you might be able to access these if you are friendly with the Military / faction that owns them.

This week’s Sneak Peek was at potential Displays for the Multi-Tool, all of them provide the same information but in a different visual style.

We recently made a video discussing the possibilities for a teaser in the latest Concierge Newsletter as well – For a New Tumbril Land Systems Project is in the works. I’ll link that video below.

The Drake Corsair Explorer/Constellation Competitor is still on Concept Sale until the 22nd, so based on when you watch this it might still be available.
I think we should see a new Concept from the 25th of April as typically there is a new sale every 6 weeks or so, I’d assume this would be for a new Tumbril Vehicle of some kind.