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Vanguard Rework & Orison Concepts

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, with a summary of Inside Star Citizen, the new Around The Verse Replacement by CI and basically does the same thing. It will for the most part focus on the Patch currently coming up next on the Roadmap BUT sometimes it will look at other bits beyond that. Today we have GPU Particles, Vanguard Updates, Telemetry & early talks about Orison.

Lighting & GPU Particle System

We start with updates to lighting and the GPU Particle System.

They are replacing the old CPU system.

The GPU system has much better visual quality potential with better frame rates.

There are many improvements with the way shadows interact with lighting and particles / smoke.

The old system was much more performance intensive and took many more resources.

They can use the lighting of an area to much further customize the look of particles so that they really belong to an environment.

3.6 – Vanguard Updates

They are reworking the Vanguard to better incorporate components & be modular across all the variants for Alpha 3.6

Behind the cockpit is a component room for the coolers, shields, powerplant.

There is a radar under the stairs.

The front section is then separated by a door.

The interior has been made modularly, so can be swapped out for the other vanguard variants.

The warden’s interior station to interact with and access to components.

There’s a bathroom, bunk beds, gantry, large pull out gun rack, a pull out locker on the other side.

The Cockpit, Component room and rear ramp room are all the same across the Vanguard series is the idea, the middle room will change for each though as will loadouts and colors schemes.

They showed the Harbinger Torpedo variant too, which basically has a torpedo bay in the central room instead of the more generic station the Warden had.

You’ll be able to see torpedoes launched# and loaded here.

The Hoplite Variant has seating for assault/drop toops and a lot of room for weapons, it looks like at least 12 rifle sized weapons (10 in racks, 2 by seats). As well as 2 heavy weapons next to some of the seating, of which there looks to be 6 seats in the central module.


There have been telemetry page updates.

There are more filters and more info on the heatmaps.

You can compare you stats, pings, hardware between versions and the rest of the community.

There is also stability of server scores for the builds.

Orison Crusader

We saw some of the newer concept shots for Orison and plans for that.

Crusader has giant floating shipyards.

Orison is the landing zone there.

We will see nice sunsets

Everything is floating but the atmosphere here is breathable

There is housing, parks, trees, drydocks, train hubs.

Below you will be the massive gas Giant.

The Subscriber Program is getting a revamp and will be more geared towards some more in game bits.