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Star Citiezn Free Fly May 2019

There is a Star Citizen FreeFly Event on until the 8th of May, meaning that anyone with or that creates a Star Citizen Account can play the game for free (no purchase necessary).
If You Need to, Create An Account Here
Go Here to Unlock The FreeFly
Unlocking the FreeFly gives you access to 5 Vehicles:

The Anvil Arrow – An Agile Light Fighter that’s great in space and atmosphere.

The Aegis Avenger Titan – A Light Multi-Role Ship, suitable for some combat & cargo hauling, it’s also my recommended ship to start the game with as it allows you to do a lot in game without breaking the bank!

The MISC Prospector – The Only Mining Ship Currently in game, if you’ve been looking forward to try out the mining mechanics, now you can!

The Drake Cutlass Black – Is a medium sized ship that can be multi-crewed as well it has a powerful manned turret and a lot of forward facing weaponry. It is one of the most popular ships in game for it’s ability to cater for cargo, combat and multiple players BUT also the ability to fit a HoverBike.

That brings us to the last vehicle that everyone will have access to the Drake Dragonfly – a two seater hoverbike, that can fit in that Cutlass! It’s useable in Space and on the Ground BUT doesn’t have a QD so it requires a parent ship to move it around OR to be spawned on the ground from an appropriate outpost.

If you don’t have a Star Citizen Account All You Need to Do is follow the link in the Description below that will guide you through the creation process and give you a bonus 5000 UEC the in game currency.

I’ll also link my Quick Start and Full Tutorials downbelow as well, Star Citizen can be a bit daunting and does not hold your hand… in fact it throws you out of the nest even before you are ready to fly. You’ll need to know some buttons, Hold F to Interact with things like Doors and buttons the left click to operate. Y gets you out of seats, beds, stations, R will Flight Ready Your Ship, F1 is you mobiGlas a Cross between your status, inventory, starmap & mission log. There is load more.

Moreover the Game is very much in Alpha & the latest just released Alpha 3.5 has a few major bugs that have yet to be ironed out, so bare that in mind.

I recommend you mess around in the PU, try out the flight model, do some missions, visit

Area 18 on ArcCorp

Lorville on Hurston

Levski on Delamar

GrimHex around Yela

Do the Investigation Mission on Covalex

There are over 30 missions, 10 moons & 2 Visitable Planets try to see them all!

If you have any questions feel free to come to my Discord, for some more active support.