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Star Citizen News | Alpha 3.5 Needs Fixes & Free Fly Event

Welcome to some More Star Citizen News for the week-ending the 5th of May.

Today looking at The RSI Newsletter, The Free Fly Event, Alpha 3.5 Hotfixes, Roadmap Updates for 3.6 / SQ42 as well as highlights of the Official CI Shows Inside / Star Citizen & Star Citizen LIVE.


“On Wednesday we kicked off a free-fly event, inviting everyone to get into Star Citizen and explore Alpha 3.5 in five curated ships for free until May 8th.

Also this week: we take a trip down memory lane to revisit a controversial moment in UEE politics, subscribers bring the party and the pain in the Anvil Valkyrie, Star Citizen Live gets Papy, FOIP goes karaoke, and Inside Star Citizen looks at how we collect player feedback and how it influences features like the new flight experience.”

I’ll put links to the newsletter and all the week’s news in full detail down below.

Star Citizen FreeFly

Star Citizen has a Free Fly Event going on until the 8th of May, enabling your to try the Game entirely for Free, players that have access already also benefit during this time as all players get access to a Cutlass Black, Prospector, Avenger Titan, Arrow & Dragonfly.

Alpha 3.5 Hotfixes / PTU 3.5.0z

There have been various hotfixes to Alpha 3.5 over the last week or so.

With Fixes for Mining, Crashes, Missions & General Bug Fixes.

They have been releasing updated versions on the PTU for testing to help get these fixes in with the last one being 3.5.0z which was just absorbed into the LIVE branch.

Even so Alpha 3.5.0 LIVE still needs a few more bugs to be fixed really to bring the branch up to spec. The major issues for me being that when servers get over 45 players in them that they start to really struggle with performance and then the AI also degrades.

Roadmap Updates

Star Citizen PU

3.6 – Bounty Mission NPC Improvements was moved to 3.7.

There was good progress on the Misfires System & Weapons Attachments.

The K&W Lumin V has been pulled forward from 3.7 to 3.6 HOWEVER

The Animus Missile Launcher has now been pushed back to 3.7.

For 3.8 there was some good progress on the Esperia Prowler.

Squadron 42

Chapter 3 and Chapter 10 have been completed for Whitebox Playable.

There are 12 Chapters planed to have a phase complete during Q2 this year, mostly getting their WhiteBox Playable & a couple with their GreyBox Phases finished, 1 for WhiteBox Narrative.

Inside Star Citizen

With the Flight Model – They feel they are hitting much closer to what the community want with their current revisions BUT they aren’t done yet though.

They completed concept on a colorful extroverted clothing range for miroTech called ELD. It may use Animated textures to display ship ads, news or economy information.

We saw the Apocalypse Arms Animus Missile Launcher with some of it’s animations.

They have been improving the scaling of natural features on planets and moons. Pushing their current tech to support realistic looking valleys, canyons and craters at massive scale.

The Vanguard Exterior is also getting reworked and we saw the Landing Gear for the ship.

They talked a little about the Banu Defender, the first Banu ship that will be in game for Alpha 3.6. The Interior is an entirely new pipeline, organics, flowing shapes and will be used for the rest of the Banu lineup of ships in the future.

Star Citizen Live

Todd Papy Answered Questions on Alpha 3.6 and some of what was coming with the Patch. I’ll highlight some bits here BUT also link my full summary of that Interview

They are working out what laws will apply in Stanton and what constitutes a law.

They are aware that missions aren’t paying out enough & are working on their balance.

There may be interesting events that happen during Quantum travel. Distress Signals, Anomales, Exploration, POI, Risk of Attack / Interdiction, Repairs & Maintenance.

Harvestable Entity Spawning Tech will be there for 3.6 and further iterations for 3.7.

Player Carriables 2.0 will expand what can be picked up and how it can be interacted with as well as cleaning the system up.

The Personal Inner Thought System will allow you to do various actions, emote, interact with items you have on you, the personal inner thought system is on the backlog.

Weapon Attachments is the Customization of FPS weapons  – Including Sights, Barrel, UnderBarrel, Magazines of various types.

After the Weapon Attachment are done they are going to be working on the Multi-Tool to give it some more functionality.

Ships Rentals in 3.6 – will allow players will try new ships for a period of time in the PU, they haven’t decided on how the rental period will work precisely.

The Misfire System in 3.6 will use Wear to work out when your items will misfire.

Server Meshing / SSOCS is being worked on right now.

Sharable Missions are not part of 3.6, they need to take care of some baseline bits and edge cases before Sharable missions will be in game.

Customs Areas will not be functional in 3.6

RSI Subscribers has access to the Anvil Valkyrie through May.

This week’s Sneak Peek was at a helmet that I believe is the Rust Society Flair for Subscribers later this month.