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Tumbril Ranger Concept Bike Preview

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a Concept Sale Preview of the Tumbril Ranger Bike.

The latest all-terrain warrior from Tumbril Land Systems takes the off-road tech perfected in the award-winning Cyclone and removes the safety net, creating an unfettered union between rider and road (or lack thereof) in the most responsive, durable, and reliable bike ever conceived.

Whether you ride with a club or you’re a lone wolf, a tour master, speed demon, or frontier paladin, you share the renegade spirit of the open road. In a universe where everything is up in the air, the Ranger keeps you grounded.

The Tumbril Ranger is a Single Seater Wheeled Bike that comes in 3 flavors.

The Ranger CV / Touring $30

The Ranger RC $30

The Ranger TR $35

You are able to buy all 3 bikes as a bundle for $85 as well.

Those are the warbond prices (so not using any store credit).

I do suspect they will be $5 more expensive each for non-warbond BUT the warbond versions do come with LTI.

The Vehicle is on Concept Sale now for Concierge Citizens. And from the 10th of May until the 10th of June for everyone with both warbond and store credit versions being available.

The Loaner for the Rangers are Cyclone’s the CV gets the standard Cyclone, the RC gets the RC and TR gets the TR. Each Bike comes with a Self-Land Hangar too.

The Ranger is very small and it’s components are squeezed between your legs as it were.

A very compact design should allow for it to be stored in many ships, it should be the smallest vehicle I would expect in the game, we don’t have confirmations of what it will or won’t fit in yet BUT it could potentially fit into ships like the Vanguard and Avenger Titan even as it is so streamlined.

Let’s Talk about each of the Bikes in a bit more detail

The Ranger CV Touring – Answer the call of the open road with an auxiliary fuel tank for longer rides and a pannier tailor-made for the cargo needs of nomads and planetside couriers. This variant has room for 3 cargo/mission boxes on the rear. The Warbond pledge includes an authentic Renegade cargo vest. The Cargo Vest actually looks like it has functionality of carry some additional cargo, though I would expect that you have limited seating choices when wearing the vest.

The Ranger RC Racer – Harness blistering speed with uprated propulsion and advanced chassis technology. It has more boost and an extra battery. The Warbond pledge includes an authentic Renegade racing vest.

The Ranger TR – Be ready for whatever the road throws at you with dual front-mounted hardpoints that support one S1 weapon each. The Warbond pledge includes an authentic Renegade leather cut.

There is no Roadmap / Release Date for the Ranger currently, however I suspect it’s pretty simple compared to a ship to get into game and it’s small, Tumbril does already have a ground vehicle the Cyclone in game and the style of the Bike / Manufacturer Pipeline is already developed.

There was some more Lore bits:

The Tumbril Ranger aims to throw a proverbial monkey wrench into the hoverbike market by nixing the grav-lev in favor of their award-winning X-TEC tires and cutting-edge chassis technology. After all, it worked for the Cyclone, and early reports confirm that this design promises unprecedented synergy between rider and road.

Sporting an unyielding aerodynamic frame, proprietary X-TEC adaptive tread tires, and Reactive Response precision steering and braking, the Tumbril Ranger presents the opportunity to embrace your wild side while staying thoroughly grounded. Whether you crave the high-speed thrills of the RC, covet the fierce firepower of the TR, or long to tame the open road on a CV, when you ride with Tumbril, you’re family.

I am particularly interested in the Ranger CV / Touring Cargo carrying version I think it’s going to be a widely used mission bike and extremely useful in game & for $30 warbond with LTI it’s going to be an appealing HOWEVER it will be available in game & I expect extremely cheap / accessible with in game money too, you don’t need to buy anything more than a $45 to play Star Citizen.