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Star Citizen News | CitizenCon 2019

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News Highlights for the week ending the 12th of May looking at CitizenCon Info, a Sneak peek at the Prowler, more Tumbril Ranger Concept Details, Roadmap Updates, Hopeful Rectification for users incorrectly affected by the $0 CCU removal & animation info from Star Citizen LIVE.

Let’s Start with the week’s Newsletter

“What’s that on the horizon? Could it be… the first rumblings of CitizenCon 2949? It could. And it is. Citizens rejoice and save the date for another epic celebration of (and with) you, the Star Citizen community.

Also this week: Tumbril unveils its latest terrestrial terror and harnesses the renegade spirit of the open road with the new Ranger, subs get more Rust Society duds, and the Galactic Guide takes us to the proudly-defiant Charon system.”

CitizenCon Date & Venue Announcement

The Date and venue of CitizenCon 2019 have been announced this time a few weeks later than previous years and looks to coincide with the anniversary sales NOVEMBER 23RD.

It’s at Manchester Central Convention Complex in the UK and there was a lore quote too.

This could be a hint at some of what we might see at CitizenCon, the Carrack, jump points or it could just be a cool quote! We’ll do a bit of an theorycraft after I’ve seen the monthly report of what we might see at CitizenCon this year.

I also want to say… that venue is gigantic, but looking at it, it’s more probable that CIG have just a large section of it rather than the full building.

The Sneak Peek this week took me a minute to figure out BUT it appears to be the cockpit of the Esperia Prowler the Tevarin

Tumbril Ranger – More Detail

The Tumbril Ranger Concept sale is in full swing now and the 3 bikes are available to buy on concept until the 10th of June and from $30s.

There were some additional details the CV can carry 1.2 SCU in cargo in current plans & has double the fuel capacity. The RC has an additional power plant and looks to be better tuned for racing (potentially faster, better acceleration, handling AND/OR braking). The TR appears to only have the 2 S1 weapons and no other changes.

It’s confirmed that you can upgrade these into ships, so a lot of people are buying $30 warbond versions of the bikes to then use them to have LTI on another ship in the future. The warbond version would also get you an addition piece of clothing / armor too that would persist even with upgrading to another ship/vehicle.

There is going to be a Q&A on the bikes soon, links to the Ask your questions thread down below.

Roadmap Updates

Persistent Universe

3.6 – Glass visor and HUD Improvements have been delayed to 3.7,

There’s a New Feature the Character Customization System v2 – Improvements to the character customization feature which includes iterations on the facial blending system and significant updates to the user interface and experience.

Rest Stop Exteriors, the Transit System v2, Weapons Attachments, 3D Pathfinding v2, 890 Jump, Harvestable Entity Spawning & the black market economy have all made good progress. The Law System has had new tasks added to it while also completing some.

Squadron 42

For SQ42 Flight Gunship AI and Flight Wingman Commands have been pushed back to Q3 2019 for completion from Q2.

The Monthly Reports will be next week now for both SQ42 and Star Citizen!

Star Citizen LIVE Summary – Animation Application

The make props and physical mock ups of bars and things for motion capture.

They went through some of the new emotes and mocap they are adding to the game.

Like the cuckoo, facepalm, fingerguns, shielding their eyes.

Some of these were directed by Backers from 2018s CitizenCon.

The mocap is directed BUT also influenced by the style of the actor.

T-Posing actually seems to be something actors actually do for calibration purposes as part of the mocap, so all the mocap markers can be seen by the capture system. I demand that we have a T-Pose emote in the future please.

The capture animations at 120 frames and then scale it down to 30 for the server in game.

They have head and vision stabilization for poses and emotes so you don’t get seasick.

These animations typically get some hand keyed work to make them the best they can be.

There are a range of these emotes and more for sitting too.

IK – is inverse kinematics and allows for joints (in this case in the editor) to be moved around in a chain.

FK – is forward kinematics and deals with the specific joint and forward beyond it

There is an update to the $0 CCU issues that removed some CCUs from players that still had legitimate value – :

“In regards to the removal of $0 CCUs – this is still ongoing as we work to avoid any potential further issues. We’ve already gone through most of them.

In regards to $0 CCUs that indeed have value – it’s intended that you do not lose those! We’ve reversed the issue that removed them and you should see them back on your account – if for any reason you do not, definitely contact our support team and we’ll get it fixed for you.”