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Star Citizen FAQ – Physical Damage | City & Planet Updates

Welcome to another Star Citizen FAQ today answering a multitude of questions on the game including the Physical Damage Model, additions to planets, solo-player options for manned turrets, min system specs & short term optimizations to the game.

How well will & can my PC run Star Citizen?

The Minimum Requirements are listed as

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 64Bit
  • A DirectX 11 Graphics Card with 4GB Memory Recommended, from personal experience a Geforce 960 or Radeon 380 or equivalent is really the minimum.
  • A Quad Core CPU (even 2nd generation i7s do well so a 2600k, there have been some issues with AMD CPUs struggling)
  • 16GB+ of System RAM
  • Installing the game on an SSD is STRONGLY recommended.

Star Citizen is a lot more accessible than it was a year or so ago, They are however still working on Vulkan integration and various other major performance improvements.

Will Cities and Planets get more additions?

Area 18, ArcCorp, Lorville, Hurston will all get more improvements new areas…

Opening up Hospitals, new areas around the planet, new landing zones, mission areas BUT also Better Procedural Generation. The areas around cities in some cases may be used for physical player habs and hangars. As these planets are so huge, they have a lot of room to play with.

Will we see new features on planets and moons?

In addition to working on larger scale natural features CI have been working/have planned on procedural Rivers, Roads & Caves.

Is the new Flight Model Done?

The New Flight Model in 3.5 is far from completed, Hover mode is being added in 3.6 Hover mode will vastly improve the behavior of ships flying at low speeds in gravity and atmosphere. Players will be able to manually control the state of VTOL thrusters as ships enter a special mode in which players must focus on balancing the ship as it hovers. This will make hovering more realistic and add depth to atmospheric flight gameplay.

BUT the flight model needs tweaking for each ship hull, thrust amounts, bugs need to be fixed, there are a lot of QoL improvements and much more too.

Getting this nailed down is likely to be a priority until SQ42 Episode 1 is released.

When it comes to PvE & PvP again expect the PvE experience to be more polished as it’s more important to SQ42 Episode 1 and then PvP to get more balance and improvements in the future.

What is Going on with the Faceware Cam?

Faceware are still making a camera for Star Citizen’s FOIP to give the best possible experience for it HOWEVER beyond that we don’t know when they will show more, it’s speculated we will see more at CitizenCon 2019.

Will There Be Water Gameplay?

We have Swimming planned in 3.7 BUT CI have also previously suggested boats, underwater caves and exploration potentially in the future.

There are features that are on the Squadron 42 Roadmap that are not on the Star Citizen one are they planned on making it across?

Yes most of them are, there might be a few that are specific to Squadron 42 like Save/Load.

A Few Highlights are

The Physical Damage System – Making use of the physics engine to create a system that looks spectacular as well as behaves realistically when large objects such as ships are being damaged by weaponry or colliding with other ships, locations, or even planets.

Body Dragging – Implementing the initial functionality for the player to move an incapacitated or dead NPC by dragging the body around an environment.

Player Sliding – This feature will introduce a new traversal method for players, allowing them to traverse short distances by sliding along the floor. This will add a new element to combat spaces.

Cloth Sim Improvements for better looking material movement and environmental effects on them.

We will see a lot more improvements to Star Citizen come across from SQ42 that are both listed on the Roadmap & many that are not shown yet.

Other than SSOCS & Server Meshing what else is needed in the short term for Star Citizen for Client/Server Improvements?

There is a lot they can optimize however On Demand Physicalizing v2 is actually on the SQ42 Roadmap and is An enhanced piece of core technology tied to Object Container Streaming that will only physicalize objects around the player that are needed. This feature is needed due to the sheer size of the universe and the number of objects in it. Aside from other uses, this will help cut down on the performance requirements and allow for smoother play. I believe it simulates anything that doesn’t need to be physicalized.

Can we expect to see any improvement to the trade/cargo gameplay?

How far off are NPC Crew for player ships?

They are still building out NPC AI for ships and stations and how to simulate / physicalize them. We should hear more about this after Squadron 42 is released.

Will the a Pilot be able to make use of a manned turret without additional crew?

There are some things that have been talked about, AI Blades/Modules may allow you to automate some manned turrets, NPC/Real Crew can be hired to man them, also as mentioned in the Hurricane Q&A they want the ability for some turrets to be able to be slaved to fix fire forwards from the pilot control. There will be trade offs for not using a player as a gunner in versatility, convenience, and performance.

Does VOIP Lip Sync to your character?

VOIP does not currently lip sync to your character, if you use FOIP then your facial movements should sync with your audio.

Can I upgrade / split ships if I buy a bundle?

Ships or Vehicles in a bundle can be individually upgraded BUT not individually gifted.

If you wish to melt a ship in a bundle you will have to melt the whole bundle.

Does The Ranger Work as a LTI Token?

Yes, if you buy a warbond Ranger it appears that you can upgrade it to another ship / vehicle.

If I am an RSI subscriber, can I buy the previous months sub-flair?

Yes you can buy previous sub flair, armor, hangar items & more if you are a subscriber.

You can buy multiples if you wish too.

When the servers reset, will you keep ships that you bought with aUEC?

When Servers are reset (currently at least every 3 months with every major update) you lose all your aUEC progress &/ aUEC purchases. This will change in the future.

Can the Starter Ships Aurora & Mustang do Delivery Missions?
The Aurora can if you place boxes behind the cockpit chair, the Mustang Alpha doesn’t have any room for mission boxes at this stage in 3.5. We might be able to  hold small Mission boxes in the Stor-all containers on those ships in the future.

Can the P-52 Dock / Undock with the Connie yet?

The Parasite Ship requires Ship to Ship Docking & Ship to Station Docking (both planned for Alpha 3.8) to be complete before it can be included.

What is the Next RSI Subscriber FreeFly Ship?

For the rest of may we have the Valkyrie & for June it appears to be the 600i Touring.