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Star Citizen FAQ | Sales, Ships & 3.5 Combat – $315 Million Raised?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen FAQ, this time with a focus on Ships, Sales & Combat in Alpha 3.5. From How much has Star Citizen Raised to Date, Bugs with Combat, when can we rent ships, ship sale queries & more.

These questions come from Reddit, Spectrum and my discord & video comments.

How much has Star Citizen Raised?

The Star Citizen Funding chart currently shows $226.5 million however this does not take into account the $46 million private investment nor do I believe Subscriptions which is around $15 million, there are also other incomes from other sources like incentives, partnerships & deals which may be around another $28 million. That appears to be roughly $315 million though it’s estimated, that is probably pretty accurate as of the 21st May 2019.

What’s Your Favorite Combat Ship / Most Powerful Fight in Alpha 3.5?

The Anvil Arrow is incredibly powerful at the moment, it’s fast, agile can be outfitted with a good amount of firepower and is able to speed tank as well as being very cheap IRL. It’s not great for Quantum Travel though.

It’s worth mentioning that the Arrow & all of the other ships in game need balance, a lot of hits on the Arrow seem to not register in PvP when dogfighting at speed.

When will the next major Sale be?

There will be a flyable sale with Alpha 3.6 (end of June), 3.7 (end of Sept maybe) 3.8 (December).

There Appears to be a planned 300 series / Origin Sale within the next couple weeks.

The Next expected major sale with most ships available will be CitizenCon/Anniversary Sale on the 23rd of November.

Is there a way to see the current price / value of ships?

If you go to the Ship Upgrade / CCU section of the RSI Website and click on the left box, then up check ships you own you can then see the full list of ships and their most up to date values, this is also their value for purposes of upgrading to another ship HOWEVER the melt value of any ship you have is equal to the amount you spent on it.

What happened to $0 CCUs?

$0 CCUs refer to ship upgrades you could purchase to change your ship from one to another for $0, these in some cases were being hoarded by certain backers which caused issues on some accounts. They removed $0 CCUs that were unapplied at the start of May. $0 CCUs are no longer available, however upgrades that have value are.

If I melt a ship for Store Credit can I buy it back later?

Yes with some restrictions, Promo Ships and older game packages cannot be rebought.

Prices of ships change and the buy back of the ship will be the most current price of the ship.

It’s the base original package/ship you can buy back, if you upgraded the ship you’ll only be able to buy back what the package started as. You can however separately melt and buy back CCUs that haven’t been applied to ships.

You can buy back vehicles at any time with Real Money BUT you can only buy back 1 item using store credit every 3 months.

Will there be more Ships to buy in the Game?

There should be more ships to buy in game in Alpha 3.6, they are building ship purchase terminals for that purpose, there is also plans for Ship Rentals in 3.6 as well WHICH WILL BE AMAZING!

aUEC Ship Insurance?

Ships in Game that are purchased in game with aUEC still persist on your account until the reset (typically every major patch) You can reclaim these ships on insurance just like a ship you had bought or a loaner.

Any Items attached to a ship that you have bought with aUEC are lost when the ship is reclaimed.

Will there be proper Beam Weapons?

Yes, we already have the Banu Singe Tachyon Cannon… which is kind of like that, but there are plans for more conventional beam weapons too like with the Idris K.

Can I share Ships with Friends?

In Game if you are in the same party your party members will be able to interact and use your ships / vehicles once they are spawned.

Where can I spawn ground vehicles?

At the Gates around Lorville

On Certain Moon & Planet Outposts with Spawn Pads

Combat Problems

Alpha 3.5 has a load of problems in regard to Combat, with weapons not converging, pips not lining up, various bugs with hit registration.

As potential workarounds and some better experiences it might be worth trying:

Turn off Snap Aim Pip to Target in the options.

You can bind ESP Toggle in controls Flight Movement.

Make sure you are in the Right Weapon Mode [R]

Fixed Gimbal – Weapons even if Gimbaled are locked forward.

Manual Gimbal – For Manual Aiming using the Mouse.

Auto Gimbal – Gimbals will try and aim towards your target, aim at your targets pip and then when the 2 circles on your HUD converge you’ll have locked on to your target with your weapons (does not guarantee hits and you need to be within range)

Experiment with Flight Lead PiP Reticle On/Off you can set a toggle for this in Controls Flight Targeting Reticle Mode – I prefer the PiP leading (being drawn from) the Target.

Area 18 / Landing Zone Spawning Issues

If your ships spawns and then is put into storage far too quickly for you to be able to get to, then re-claiming it on insurance can fix that.

Be careful around Landing Pads near Outposts as they can put your ship into “storage” despawning them BUT has no way of retrieving them from that location, park further away!

Is bed logging working?

Yes although not all the time, bed logging is using the bed in your ship and then selecting the log off option from there, this is supposed to save your location for the next time you log on.

there are known issues with bed logging when too close to an outpost OR landing zone that will have you spawning back at your hab when you log back on.