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Star Citizen News | 3.5.1 Plans & Info Dump on Future Features

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News going over RSI Newsletter, Roadmap Updates, Alpha 3.5.1 Plans and a summary of Star Citizen LIVE which had a whole host of info from scanning to server optimization to physical inventories.


“As the development team looks to the future with upcoming Evocati testing of Alpha 3.5.1, we also look to the past as we unleashed a veritable torrent of information in our monthly report detailing what our global teams accomplished throughout April.”

It looks like this 3.5.1 will also have the 300 series variants LIVE with it

To commemorate the upcoming release of the new and improved 2949 300 series, Origin Jumpworks is pulling out all the stops for their most opulent event yet, the Origin Celebration. Look for more details coming soon.

This is at least in part referring to the new Website based Customization system that will come online when those variants go live as well.

Tengzexin 3d printed out a 1:500 scale Javelin… which is massive… at add to their collection of 1:1000 scale idris.

This week’s Sneak Peek is of the Animus Missile Launcher, I didn’t realize before but it appears to have 3 barrels… that’s a lot of missile.

Links to the Newsletter as well as video summarizing the Monthly Report and this week’s Inside Star Citizen can be found in the description below.

Roadmap Updates

We are awaiting the Alpha 3.5.1 Patch with hopes that it will address some of the more major issues that 3.5 is suffering from. It appears this patch will go to Evocati in the very near future.

Alpha 3.6 has seen Ragdoll Improvements to Characters & Player Carriables completed as well as good progress on the Character Customization, Misfires, Transit Systems & the Weapons of 3.6. AI Ship 3d Pathfinding has had some tasks added.

Massive progress has been made on the Client to Server Actor Rework the P72 Archimedes & Player Freelook.

Squadron 42 Death Animations, Player Carriables (which may need some more work than the PU version of the feature it seems), Freelook & Jump as well as the RSI Bengal have all made good progress this week.

There was loads of info from Star Citizen Live, we’ll do a bit of an info dump:

Jared is now associate creative producer for the subscription program anything that touches the voluntary Subscriber content Jared will have a hand in, from perks to videos to flair.

There is no reason they can’t have HOTAS being able to have throttle forward and strafe forward as separate bindings, they will be evolving controls based on feedback.

They have a lot to do with the Flight Model, they have been prototyping finer controls and VTOL.

There isn’t any tech holding back the Caterpillar side ramps/elevators from being fully functional.It seems they just need to finish hooking up/coding the functionality for it, it’s in the back log. They may look at Q3.

They had an early road tool for making roads, which didn’t get used much and isn’t working with their current tech, they haven’t got anything specifically planned for roads in the next 3 months or so at least. It may appear it Planetary Tools v4.

They are focusing on a broader get all the planets and major parts done at the moment and then will focus more on things like roads.

They have various levels of scanning & a lot of data it tracks at the moment we have:

Surface Scans – Ship Health, Model, Owner

Detailed Scan – Passenger name and health, cargo

The backend scan is also now able to have a huge range of data on an item now.

From Legality of cargo to materials in an asteroid or a cup, heat, oxygen, signatures, a data model so they can then expose a large amount of data to the player OR specific data on an item. The Mission System can read from that system to. They are working out exactly what they want to expose to the player BUT allows them a huge amount of room for the dev to build out interesting missions and future scanning / exploration content.

They haven’t had an official word on if they are going to have purchasable UEE uniforms in the PU. If they do it will be after SQ42. They are still defining how the UEE are going to be represented in the PU.

SSOCS is being worked on allowing entities / ships / items / planets to be streamed out (and back in) when needed.

With persistence they are working on saving the states of those entities when they are streamed in and out.

This data will be able to be scanned even at range and physicalized when necessary BUT they need to be able to sensible store and stream data out where possible for efficiency.

They are at their limits of their current server tech, they need these improvements to put in more entities and gameplay area in the game. They are still working on all areas of the game BUT SSOCS will give a significantly better performance for the server and improvements to gameplay experience.

Because they have Client Side OCS already they have been able to make great progress on the SSS and plan it out accurately.

Further out will be server meshing, having these objects and states to be able to be handed over to different servers seamlessly.

They would be able to put pet volleyballs in the game. Maybe flair in the future or interactable balls?

Various teams have been working on different parts of physical inventories & cargo.

This will cover all items & commodities pretty much. It’s something they will be defining in a lot more detail over the coming Quarter including player local inventories.

Backpacks were talked about too.

With the Redeemer they haven’t decided if it’s going to change manufacturer or stay Aegis.

The ship is now a focused gunship.

Character damage states may be discernible in the future at a glance BUT you will be able to work out what type of gear / focus that player has.

Different armor and clothing types may have stats, damage resistances, o2 generation, thruster, climate control. Explorer gear will be different to military combat gear.

There is going to be FPS scanning for more info, dirt and wear of items will be visible.

For Salvage they need physical inventories, various new player interaction. There isn’t much in the way of technical hurdles. They need a more robust system for debris and ship destruction. Object Containers need to be more thought out in regard to Cargo & items and when ships explode or become debris.

There are metrics/animation/design issues with the female model holding boxes for example where they overly block the characters view, they are working through issues and fix them.

They jokingly said that they could get 10 million players in each area.

More realistically it will literally get as many players as they can in.

They use headless (artificial) clients.

Server Meshing should allow for a lot more players in a server / each area.

They are working on various ways to keep players engaged during long travel times BUT are not ready to share yet.

They are finalizing the pipeline for the new hair styles. We will be getting more hair soon after they have finished the tools for them.

Planets have a magnetic north.They could add a compass or coordinate system in the future. We will get something for navigation and location sharing.

They have some ideas for systems for potential tattoos and scars. It’s something that will be looked at more in the future. They mention maybe having scars or bionics for wounds if that was a way you “died” (lost consciousness) from that.

Chris Roberts (magical stream) he is coding parts of the game and it seems to be supported by the rest of the devs. He has been working on ships docking and attaching to each other, ship to ship docking tech basically. They are also working out how they will actually dock parasite ships, will they need to share room data, decompress… things like that.

They are trying to improve the subscription perks and features. Better videos, better perks, cool in game stuff are coming. They will be talking to the community more about potentials in the future, they are steering clear of pay2win stuff though.