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Star Citizen New Ship Customization Teaser

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, today I wanted to talk about what we know about the new Customization System that’s coming soon as well as some expectations of it.

Also I wanted to have a look at the some Plant Life Teasers from New Babbage / microTech and a brief look at sub component updates. This is a Summary of Inside Star Citizen: An Origin Story.

300 Series Customization

There is an Origin Celebration Event “just around the corner”

The 300i is the test bed for the testbed for the new customization system.

The Style guide of Origin has evolved.

The ships are sleaker, the interior has improved a lot, with much more space.

There looks to be interior customization options too as they showed different steering wheel and chair types with different shapes and materials from aluminium to carbon fiber to leather, different colors and types.

In fact it appears the internals can have various paint jobs.

These can all be mixed together to give a lot of different options to the player.

Looking at the system I would expect to be able to change paint jobs on the hull, interior, switch out components like chairs, steering wheels and maybe flair as well as swapping out ships systems and weapons as default.

The expectation there is that when the ship is reclaimed on insurance these changes persist on the reclaimed model.

Looking at how the system was presented to us as well I would expect that some of the functionality of the new customizations will be available fully in game and not just via the website. It looks like it is providing additional items and paint for customization rather than a whole new system.

I do suspect there will be a way of purchasing ships from the website fully customized already as well though as they originally mentioned the website side a while ago.

There are various components missing that at somepoint we will be able to buy and change on our ships, like thrusters & engines that they have been doing a lot of work on lately.

One of the other things that I think it’s worth talking about is, at the moment the new 300 series keeps on getting referred to as the 300i, I thought this may of been a mistake at first BUT it’s possible that the series is more modular and the choice of customization make it into a 315p, 325a or 350r kinda or at least the transition between those variants is more fluid… random thought that was all.

Timeline wise it could be next week, 30th May is my guess but it could potentially be a few more weeks if the systems aren’t ready yet. I suspect they will have a Inside Star Citizen going over it in a bit more detail and the 3.5.1 patch go live at the same time with the rest of the 300 series.

I would expect to see any customization they put in place for the 300 series to then be available to other ships in the future.

I am interested to know if we can change internal material types as well, to wood, stone & that sort of thing as well as paint.

With that in mind there is a Origin 300 Series Customization Q&A Thread on Spectrum

Did you watch this week’s all new episode of Inside Star Citizen? If so, you probably noticed that the episode was chock full of Origin Jumpworks goodness, with a focus on the newly revamped 300 series, and the fact that you will soon be able to customize your own.

We’re sure you have a bunch of questions about how all this customization works, and that’s where this post comes in. Post your questions in this thread and up-vote the ones you want to see answered the most. We’ll collect the top questions, present them to the developers, and post the answers in a Q&A Comm-Link soon.

I’ll put the link to that in the comments below!

Ship Component Sub Items

They showed the interiors of some power plants.

There are slots that allow the placement and removal of multiple sub items.

The components and their interiors are styled by manufacturer.

Components and subcomponents will degrade and can be destroyed.

Something I did want to mention again is that the Customization & Sub Component work comes at the same time we know they are working on Fully Physicalized Components this is core part of ship functionality, combat, utility & customization and has been what The Item System 2.0 and all the conversion of ship components over to these new methods has all been working towards and are all steps towards it.

New Babbage Plant Life

They are working on Plant life for microtech and new babbage, some of these plants will only be seen at new babbage.

Some of these plants and trees are massive.

The idea of the plant life here is that they have genetically modified plants and experientented with them. Trying to change things like pattern of leaves, fractal paterns, carbon fibre patterns.

Splicing of Vanduul Plant with human ones.

They are going for a mixture of cool and some more mutant designs, oversized leaves, overgrown roots.

There is some cool gardening going on as well with laser cut leaves.

All of these plants will have in game lore about them.

We know that CIG are currently working on v4 of their Planetary Tech and Effects that should really help bring biomes and cities to life along with the ongoing work to the microTech asset set to flesh out New Babbage.